Tao Trooper

Tao Troopers
Kamo (left) and Abe (right)
LocationSei'an City
Queen Himiko

The Tao Troopers are Queen Himiko's group of special soldiers. Their leader is Waka, the Troopers all refer to him as Capt. Waka. They can be found around Sei'an City and they are noticeable because they wear an outfit similar to Waka's. Each Tao Trooper is presented with a single mask which they must wear, if they loose it, it is irreplaceable.

Their headquarters is found high above the Commoner's Quarters in Sei'an, with Amaterasu only being able to reach it by riding a Waterspout. The inside is decorated like a temple with lots of statues of Celestials and very modern machinery similar to that of the Moon Tribe, such as holograms.

[edit] Based On

The Tao Troopers Abe and Kame are based on the famous onmyōdō practitioners Abe no Seimei and Kamo no Yasunori.

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