The Emperor

The Emperor
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LocationThe Emperor's Palace

The Emperor resides in a heavily guarded palace in Sei'an City. The Emperor's Palace is one of the major dungeons in the game. There is confusion as to whether he is The Emperor of Nippon or simply just a wealthy aristocrat who is the "Emperor of Treasures" as the direct translation of his name suggests. However, the Official Okami Artbook states that he was succeeded by Queen Himiko. We do not know if he resigned voluntarily but he still seems to have a great deal of power such as his many guards and heavily protected palace. However, after Queen Himiko dies, an aristocrat mentions that The Emperor will be her successor.
He has two roles in the story, in the first part he is the one that is creating the poisonous green mist and after he is cured he serves as a way for Amaterasu to trade her Demon Fangs for Holy Artifacts.

[edit] Role in the plot

In the start of the story, The Emperor is the one who was responsible for the poisonous green mist all over Sei'an City. This is because he was possessed by the evil monster, Blight. In order to keep The Emperor under his control, Blight forced him to arrest Kaguya and then sent The Emperor into a coma.

When Amaterasu and Issun first try to investigate his palace, the guards forbid them from entering. However with the aid of the Lucky Mallet Amaterasu can shrink down to Issun's size and they manage to get into the palace through a small crack in the wall. They then have to battle their way through a single tour dungeon that is now even more dangerous as Amaterasu is so small. However now that Issun appears to be regular sized he can help even more.
After they have battled their way through the dungeon and eventually freeing the Brush God Kasugami, Amaterasu and Issun must get swallowed by The Emporer so they can battle Blight. After this and while The Emperor is still under their control, they get the Guards to free poor Kaguya.

Concept art of The Emperor

Afterwards The Emperor does not remember a thing about what has happened but is still thankful for what Ammy and Issun have done. He then admits to them that he loves Demon Fangs and will happily trade useful Holy Artifacts for them. ]

[edit] Trivia

  • When you are touring the dungeon before your fight with Blight you should enter every Demon Scroll you find. This is because one of these Demon Scrolls contain the only Fire Doom Mirror in the whole game and if you do not fight it you will have to start a new file to complete your Bestiary.
  • The patterns on his shirt resemble the modern day "Biohazard" symbols. This probably has something to do with the toxic mist that he produced when he was under the control of Blight.

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