Thunder Edge

Thunder Edge
Thunder Edge.jpg
Amaterasu and Thunder Edge
ObtainedDefeat the True Orochi

Thunder Edge is a fifth tier Glaive and because of this it is the strongest Glaive in the game. Like all fifth tier weapons it grants Amaterasu an elemental power and in this case, electricity. Whenever it is equipped as the main weapon the player will have a permanent source of electricity. This works by drawing a line from the glaive to an object by using the Celestial Brush. Also like all fifth tier weapons it cannot be carried onto a New Game + however if it was "dusted" in the old file it will still have that effect when finally obtained.
Like most Glaives it attack in a spinning lunge. It is obtained after you beat the True Orochi 100 years in the past.

Thunder Edge is a very intricate Glaive. It is orange and yellow in colour and the hilt is shaped like a sun.

[edit] Weapons Entry

"Glaive imbued with thunder spirit. Utilizes lightning power."

[edit] Trivia

  • It closely resembles Tsumugari, the Glaive Amaterasu is rewarded with for defeating the Orochi in the present day.
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