First AppearanceOkamiden
DistinctionsLove of Music
Can Create Thunder
Tiger Print Clothing

The Thunders are a new group of people in Okamiden. They live in Thundercloud which is an island high in the sky above the mortal world. They can create thunder with their instruments and all the members of the race have an interest in music and tiger prints. One of the members of the band mentions how Chibiterasu has been instilled with the power over thunder, immediately after Chibiterasu has found Gekigami's constellation, showing their belief in the Gods and their ability to see the celestial around them. Normally, the members of the Thunders race will help anyone who comes to them seeking it. We see that the Thunders can freely live in and traverse to the world below from their floating island home as a Thunder Lady can be found outside the Moon Tribe Ruins and will migrate to Yakushi Village.

Playing the Music Mini Game

Kurow and Chibiterasu travel to Thundercloud upon gusts of wind to try to figure out the cause of the storms that are preventing them from further exploring the Moon Tribe Ruins. Soon the pair find out that the thunder is being created by a band practise. However, the band refuse to stop playing unless Chibiterasu and Kurow can prove their musical abilities. If Chibiterasu manages to complete the minigame successfully, the band, consisting of a Thunder Lady, Thunder Musician and Thunder Drummer, will stop playing. They will then inform him that they create music for Gen wherever he needs it and their island will simply move off when he does not need their help any more. They gift him with a drum that negates electrical currents, however the duo soon break it.

[edit] Music Minigame

Music Mini Game

This minigame involves Chibiterasu and Kurow showing their supposed love for music. The aim of the game is to Power Slash music notes in order to produce Spirit Orbs. The Thunders will play their instruments, causing music notes to be produced, randomly, from a big pit in the middle of the ground. Chibiterasu must Power Slash them before they disappear. If enough are Power Slashed a Spirit Orb will be produced, which he needs to run over and collect. Ink can also be produced by slashing the notes. The amount of Spirit Orbs collected will be shown on the right hand side of the screen. However, if Chibiterasu allows a note to disappear off the screen, an orb will be lost. The notes will flash red, signalling that they are about to disappear. One Power Slash will hit as many notes as it is drawn through. After a set amount of time, the game will end and the band will grade their love for music.

Chibiterasu can play the game one last time for Praise with the Thunder Lady in Yakushi Village.

[edit] Thunders

Although there are many Thunders, there are five different character models altogether:

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