These are Sentry Beasts that Master Anura summons, by singing, during his battle. He refers to them as his children, which would not be surprising as they look a lot like mini versions of him. They will greatly slow down Chibiterasu as well as hurting him. There are two separate species; Red Toads and White Toads.

[edit] Red Toads

These toads are the species of toads Master Anura belongs to so he summons solely these in battle. They appear exclusively in Hana Valley and disappear after Master Anura has been defeated.

Bestiary Entry
"This amphibian is the reincarnation of muder and rage that dwells at the bottom of rivers. Its usual victims are children and small animals. It dies this out of instinct and not out of evil design. Some older red toads display uncanny intelligence. It is not known how many victims were consumed to achieve that intellect."

[edit] White Toads

These are a lighter variant of their red cousin and apart from colour, they are virtually identical. Unlike the red variant, they also appear in the 5-Story Pagoda and the Goryeo, although they first appear in Hana Valley. When they appear on the Goryeo, they cycle through having control of the elements of Fire, Lightening and Ice.

Bestiary Entry
"A toad species that lived in total darkness was possed by evil. They are usually content to dwell in darkness, until they encounter a being radiating the spirit of the sun, at which point they attack"

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