Evil Being Tobi
LocationOni Island

Tobi is rather unusual as he is a living prayer slip. He resides on Oni Island where he is its gatekeeper, however his real love is racing. He has weaved his love for racing into his job as he challenges anyone who wants to progress around the Island to a series of racing Mini Games.

Although he is a Demon he does not seem evil or have the same destructive personality as the others, he also has the power of speech which is quite unusual.
He commends Amaterasu on her skills and speed if she manages to beat him. However Tobi dies when you beat him in the last race. He disintegrates because he had given up his post as gatekeeper and failed in his duties. However he dies without regret as he was doing the one thing he loved. His death somewhat upsets Issun as he was getting attached to him even though he found him annoying.

[edit] Trivia

  • The four kanji inscribed on Tobi translates as "Mind your body; preserve your life".
  • Like all Demons he blooms into flowers upon dying. However, he only blooms into one large flower instead of a cluster.

[edit] Gallery

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