True Orochi

True Orochi
LocationMoon Cave
Weakness(es)8 Purification Sake
Attack(s)Elemental Attacks
Reward(s)Thunder Edge

The True Orochi is the name given to the version of the Orochi that Nagi battled and defeated 100 years ago with the help of Shiranui. Even though this happened 100 years ago Amaterasu must travel back in time and defeat him after travelling through the Spirit Gate in search of Lika.

This Orochi is a stronger version of the Orochi that Susano and Amaterasu fight 100 years later. The True Orochi is armoured so his weak spot, the bell on his back, can take more damage and each head takes two doses of Sake to make it drunk. However despite this he is the same as the version defeated 100 years in the future. Although this version is meant to be extremely strong, Amaterasu will have no problem taking him down as she has the experience of battling him once before and now has much stronger Weapons.


[edit] History

Every year at the same date the Orochi demanded a sacrifice of one of Kamiki Village's fair maidens so that the village would not be plagued by evil. One particular year the chosen maiden was Nami who happened to be the love interest of Nagi, a great warrior. This angered Nagi so he stole the the Sacrificial Robes and dressed up like Nami so the Orochi would bring him into his lair to try and eat him, this would give Nagi his chance to defeat him. The Orochi was too powerful for Nagi but just before he was defeaten Shiranui showed up and battled for Nagi. This was shocking as Shiranui showed up every year at the same time the Orochi picked his sacrifice and this lead everyone to think he was the Orochi's familiar. Shiranui did not fight much better than Nagi but before he died he mustered up enough power to summon the moon which brought new life to Nagi. Nagi was then able to defeat the Orochi and seal him in his great sword Tsukuyomi which was locked in Moon Cave. Shiranui was then hailed a hero and brought back to the village where he passed away peacefully until he was resurrected by Sakuya 100 years later.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Amaterasu and Lika after the True Orochi's Defeat
True Orochi attacking Nagi and Shiranui

Amaterasu heads through the Spirit Gate with Oki and Issun to look for Lika. They do not know where the Spirit Gate leads and are very surprised to find out that it brings them 100 years into the past, just at the time where the Orochi was picking his sacrifice. Amaterasu is mistaken for Shiranui however so the villagers fear her and try to scare her off as Shiranui was believed to be the Orochi's familiar. Nagi attempts to fight Amaterasu but is knocked out, afraid that this will alter the course of history they steal Nami's Sacrificial Robes and dress Nagi up in them. They deliver him to Moon Cave but the Orochi spits him back out again as he has chosen Lika as his sacrifice.

Amaterasu heads inside and begins to fight the Orochi only to find Oki there. Hoping to make the great Kutone glow Oki steps in to deliver the killing hit to the Orochi but he is easily defeated. Amaterasu then draws a Crescent in the sky which empowers Nagi with enough energy to defeat the Orochi.

The cave begins to collapse so Amaterasu, Issun, Lika, Oki, Nagi and Shiranui all flee it and return to their proper times.

[edit] Heads

Each of the Orochi's eight heads has a mind of it's own and control over a single element. Each of them wears a uniquely shaped and coloured helmet with the corresponding Kanji of their element on it.

[edit] Fire

This head appears to be the head in charge as it talks to Amaterasu in the cut scenes for the other heads. It attacks by breathing fire at Amaterasu. This can be dodged or countered with the Celestial Brush, however, having the Fire Tablet equipped negates all damage. It will roar after the attack misses.

It is the only head that is chopped in half instead of being decapitated.

[edit] Earth

It will create a shock wave by slamming it's head into the ground. Amaterasu can dodge it by jumping. This attack will knock it unconscious so Amaterasu must hit it before it will wake up and roar.

[edit] Poison

It will breath poison at Amaterasu which she can blow away using Galestorm.

[edit] Light

It will fire lasers at Amaterasu which can be dodged or deflected with a Reflector. Using Crescent will also make them disappear.

[edit] Lightning

It will shoot thunderbolts at Amaterasu which can be blocked or dodged. It is almost always confused as as it is on the opposite side to the Fire Head so has no clue about what is happening.

[edit] Water

It can flood the arena and summon eels that will bite and hurt Amaterasu. They can be avoided by climbing on the appearing Lilypads or using Water Lily. After this the head will lie blissfully in the water until it is hit and provoked into roaring.

[edit] Wind

It will summon two tornadoes that will hurt Amaterasu, however, they can be stopped with Galestorm.

[edit] Dark

It will produce two Treasure Buds. However, if they are not Bloomed in time, they will burst open and produce a cursed zone that will hurt Amaterasu and steal her Ink.

[edit] Attacks

The True Orochi is battled the same as the regular Orochi (Using Waterspout to guide the 8 Purification Sake in one of it's 8 head's while it is roaring). Each head requires two doses of sake to intoxicate it and it's weak spot is slightly stronger. It also has the same attacks (each one of it's 8 heads having it's own separate attack).

[edit] Okamiden

Orochi in Okamiden's opening scene

The True Orochi makes a reappearance in Okamiden as Chibiterasu and Kurow travel back in time to try and prevent Akuro from bathing in his blood. They arrive just after Amatersasu has defeated him. However as Kurow saves Chibterasu from being crushed by a falling boulder, they fail in their mission and Akuro manages to bath in it's blood. This causes him to revert to his full power.

[edit] Based On

The Orochi is based on the mythical dragon Yamato-no-Orochi from Japanese folklore. The legend goes that the Orochi was killed by Susano-o as he had fallen in love with Kushi-inada-hime who was set to be sacrificed to the Orochi. After he had slain the Orochi, it is said that Susano-o pulled the legendary sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi from it's tail and presented it to Amaterasu as an apology.

[edit] Trivia

  • The final Glaive Thunder Edge is obtained after the True Orochi's defeat.
  • Amaterasu must battle the Orochi for a third and final time on the Ark of Yamato, however this time she does not have anyone to deliver the final blow for her.
  • Its heads are based of the eight Taoist Trigrams.
  • One Exorcism Slip L can destroy the bell completely.

[edit] Gallery

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