Tsuruya and Kiko

Tsuruya and Kiko
Tsuruya and Kiko
GenderMale and Female
LocationSei'an City: Playhouse
FamilyDaughter: Kagu

Tsuruya and Kiko are husband and wife and the parents of Kagu. They appear in Okamiden as the owners and lead performers of the Playhouse. When they first appear, Kagu must rescue them as they have been kidnapped and held hostage along with other actors by Imps under the demands of Sen and Ryo. They are being held behind Renjishi on the stage puppet rotator.

They are very caring and understanding parents. They realise Kagu is unhappy with her Miko powers and do not force her to use them, even apologising when Kagu has to use them to save them from their kidnappers. They nurture her acting dreams and tell her her acting spot in the Playhouse will always be open to her if she no longer wants to continue Miko Training. Their deep love is also evident in how they write Kagu a note urging her to escape when the Playhouse comes under attack.

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