Tube Fox

Tube Fox
Tube Foxes.jpg
First EncounterInside the Water Dragon
WeaknessesDivine Instruments
Attack(s)Ink Draining, Melee Attacks
Floral FinisherPower Slash
Tubbe Fox concept art

Tube Foxes are a very rare enemy in Okami, they only make one compulsory appearance and that is in the belly of the Water Dragon. However they can also be fought in the Ryoshima Devil Gate Trial. They are the physical manifestations of 9 fox souls that inhabit the Fox Rods and are therefore the key to Ninetails' power. Upon their defeat they will produce the Fox Rods. Their Floral Finisher is Power Slash.

[edit] Attacks

They travel in packs of eight and attack as a well trained team. They will normally attack by running at Amaterasu and pummelling her with combo attacks. They also have a special attack where they throw a fire like substance at Amaterasu. Finally their most annoying attack is where one of the foxes stands up on it's hind legs and waves it's arms. This move will drain Amaterasu's ink rapidly. Even a Golden Ink Pot will not be able to regenerate ink quick enough so Inkfinity Stones must be used. However the trail of ink being drained from Amaterasu can be seen so she needs to follow that back to the fox that is causing it and then attack it. If she still has ink, she should attack the drainer from afar as it will attack her if she gets too close.
There is not really a proper attack method to killing these so Amaterasu should try to take them out with Brush Techniques and Weapons one by one while avoiding their flurry of attacks and saving her ink.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"Also known as Izuna, it is often under the control of sorcery. Competent sorcerers can use it as a source of great wealth. It is frequently the cause of famine and disease. To control this powerful beast, one needs supreme power and skill."

[edit] Based On

Tube Foxes are based on Kuda-gitsune which are familiars of the Kitsune. They are described as a fox with vertical eyes and thin hair. However, they are usually the size of a rat. They are kept in a bamboo pipe and will answer questions and give advice when called upon. Occasionally they are described as having a tail shaped like a pipe that has been cut in half.

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