Tundra Beads

Tundra Beads
Tundra Beads.jpg
Amaterasu and Tundra Beads
ObtainedBuy from Merchant in Sei'an City and Ark of Yamato
Cost500,000 Yen

The Tundra Beads are a fifth tier Rosary so they are therefore the strongest Rosary in the game. They also grant Amaterasu the power of ice. She can bend ice to her will just by using the Celestial Brush to draw a line from it. As with all fifth tier weapons they are not carried through to a New Game +, however when you obtain them they will still be "dusted" if they were in your old file.
Tundra Beads can be bought from a the Weapons Merchant in Sei'an City or from Marco in the Ark of Yamato. They appear after Amaterasu has defeated Lechku and Nechku.

The Tundra Beads have an icy blue colour. They have an inner ring around Amaterasu's neck that looks like a snowflake and the beads themselves look like frozen tear drops.

[edit] Weapons Entry

"Rosary that calls upon the power of ice to combat wily foes."

[edit] Trivia

  • They are the most expensive Weapon in the game, costing 500,000 Yen.
  • They are the last Weapon that Amaterasu can buy.

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