Oina Shaman Tuskle
LocationWawku Shrine

Tuskle is the Shaman of the Oina Tribe, however unlike them she lives in a hut in Ezofuji outside the Affun Gate instead of in Wep'keer. She lives here because as the Priestess it is up to her to look after Wawku Shrine and to make sure nobody gets into it.

Her mask resembles an owl but it extends to a roost which two owls sit on, one owl is silver and the other is gold. This is to do with Lechku and Nechku who are gold and silver respectively as both of those sleep in Wawku Shrine. Like all Oina she can transform into a thin, blue wolf however when she does this her head piece and two owls stay the same but no longer move.

When Amaterasu and Issun first go to see her she welcomes them and tells them the story of the Ark of Yamato and how all evil comes from it. Tuskle then gives them the Oina Amulet, Sewaprolo so that they can enter the consuming forest of Yoshpet.

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