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Ubume are birds that wear a hat and kimono. They also carry an umbrella which they use to attack and defend themselves. They can fly using wings that resemble floral patterned fans. They first appear in Ryoshima Coast and their Floral Finisher is Veil of Mist

[edit] Attacks

Ubume will fly around the arena and hit Amaterasu with their umbrella. As long as they have their umbrella at hand they are impossible to attack as they will block attacks with it. Firstly, you should use Galestorm to blow them out of the air, however they will still block attacks with their umbrella. To fix this you need to use Galestorm again, their umbrella will catch the wind and be blown back so you can then attack them. Repeat this process a few times to kill it.

[edit] Based On

Ubume seem to be based off the Japanese Spirits of the same name. These Spirits are said to be those of woman who have died before it has been assured their child will be taken care of.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"A bird possessed by the soul of a woman slain by a samurai's blade. It has no trouble deflecting and sword attacks with its umbrella. Then, it wastes no time using its dark essence to launch a counter. A great monk advises that this pattern can be taken advantage of. When the umbrella comes up to block, blow it back with wind. The creature will recall its life as a woman and cease attacking."

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