Master Chef Umami
LocationMoon Cave

Umami is the other half of a duo of Imps who prepare meals for the Orochi. Her nickname is Sweet. Together, they were considered the best chefs in all of Nippon, however now their reign as Master Chefs is being threatened by humans. Umami always adds a liquid, of her own creation, to the meals they prepare. However, as the Oorchi is the only creature to taste their meals, nobody knows what effects this liquid actually has.

Umami appear to be more in charge of goings on. Her partner Aji merely follows her orders even if he does not fully agree with them. Such as when she tries to boil Charity as a soup out of jealousy.

She is first encountered in Moon Cave 100 years in the past.

[edit] Trivia

  • Umami is one of the five basic tastes. It is the taste of savouriness.
  • Umami is the first noticeably female Imp in the series.
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