Underground Ruins

Moon Tribe Ruins
Connects ToNorth Ryoshima Coast
Notable Inhabitant(s)King Fury
EnemiesSentry Beasts
Spinning Tops
ItemsMagnetism Brush Technique
Issun's Masterpieces

The Moon Tribe Ruins is an area introduced in Okamiden. It is a dungeon found in North Ryoshima Coast. During the events of Okami, it lay deep underground, however, Gen, the Lady Scholar and a team of excavators unearthed it. The Ruins are shaped like a keyhole.

It was built and maintained by the Moon Tribe as a location for them to undergo research of Nippon. It is also where they kept Daidarabotchi, the giant celestial rabbit robot, locked up so he would not be misused after the fall of their civilisation. It is full of advanced machinery and artefacts that follow the usual Moon Tribe style of appearance. It has a lot of puzzle revolving around magnets and contains a vast stores of electricity.

It is the location of Kyokugami's constellation and is the dungeon where Chibiterasu fights King Fury. It is explored with Kurow and it is also the place where he crash landed to Earth from his home planet. His rocket can be found there and he will comment about how it belongs to "his people".

[edit] Role in the Plot

Chibiterasu and Kurow must first explore it to find Gen. When he and the Lady Scholar were investigating it with a team of excavators, they were frightened out by King Fury, however Gen remained trapped. Under her request, they go to rescue him.

Before entering the ruins, they meet Issun who was exploring it to find his own pieces of information. We see the artifact he was looking for depicts Amaterasu and Waka leaving for the Celestial Plain, showing that the members of the Moon Tribe do have the power to predict the future.

During their explorations they encounter Kyokogami's constellation, allowing them to precede further.

They eventually find Kurow's missing wings. As they cannot travel further, the duo try to fly to Thundercloud but crash land in the Demon Market first, where they learn Galestorm. When they eventually make it to Thundercloud, with their newly acquired Brush Technique, they learn Thunderstorm from Gekigami and can now fully explore the ruins.

They must battle King Fury here, to put Sugawara's spirit to rest. After this is completed and Gen saved, the dungeon is no longer accessible. It is later blown up by Akuro when he threatens Chibiterasu, Kurow and the Lady Scholar at Sugawara's Grave.

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