Fisherman Urashima
LocationNorth Ryoshima Coast
FamilyUnnamed Wife

Urashima only plays a small part but important part in Okami. He is the character that informs Amaterasu of how she should get to the Dragon Palace.
He is a fisherman and he resides with his wife in a house on the beach of North Ryoshima Coast. His wife comments that he has no friends and spends all his time fishing.


[edit] Role in the Plot

When Amaterasu first meets Urashima, she finds him being tormented and bullied by a group of kids. However, Urashima was not hurt by the children, instead he was only sleeping.as he does so when he does not have enough energy to return home. After Amaterasu rescues him from the children he tells her why they were teasing him. He says that he went to the dock one morning at sunrise and he was met by an Orca, this Orca brought him to see the legendary Dragon Palace. He then tells Amaterasu that the kids did not believe him. However Issun believes him as they now know the only way to get to see the leader of the Draconians.

Urashima tells Amaterasu of how he nearly drowned but was rescued and revived by the Draconians. He tells her that they stored his age in a treasure box and now he is destined to never grow old. Amaterasu learns that Urashima is fed up with never growing old and would like to age like everyone else he knows. However his attempts to return to the Dragon Palace to reclaim the box have been futile. If Amaterasu returns from the Dragon Palace with the mysterious treasure chest Urashima was talking about, he will be overjoyed. He will open it and automatically grow old, much to his delight and the delight of his wife. They hug and he promises to never leave her again.

If Amaterasu returns to Urashima on the beach after hearing his story, the children will be there apologising and telling him they now believe him. If she returns to him on the beach after he ages, the children will be asking him to play.

[edit] Based on

Urashima's character is based on the Japanese story of "Urashima Taro and the Tamatebako". This story tells of a fisherman called Urashima who one day finds a turtle being beaten by some kids on the beach. He buys the turtle from them and later returns it to the sea. The turtle comes back one day and invites him to live with him in the underwater palace of Oto-Hime, Mistress of the Sea. He agrees and spends what seems to be a month there. However he then gets homesick and Oto-Hime agrees to let him return, as a parting gift she gives him a box (A Tamatebako) and tells him never to open it. When he returns home he realises that 300 years have actually passed which makes him depressed. One day he opens the box and smoke is released, he then transforms into an old man. It turns out that Oto-Hime had put his old age in a box.

[edit] Trivia

  • If you listen to Urashima's story of a great treasure in the Dragon Palace there will be a bloomable patch of grass where you first entered the Water Dragon. If you Bloom this and bring the Treasure chest to Urashima he will give you a stray bead. This and the Treasure Box on the roof of his house also represent the box in the story that he is based on.

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