Urashima's Wife

Urashima's Wife
Urashima's Wife
LocationNorth Ryoshima Coast
FamilyHusband: Urashima

Urashima's wife is, naturally, the wife of Urashima. She lives with him in their house in North Ryoshima Coast. As an elderly woman, she is much older than Urashima as he had his age stored in a Tamatebako after the Draconians revived him when he drowned.

She does not have much of a role in the plot. She can be found in their house and comments that Urashima does not have any friends and spends most of his time fishing. If Amaterasu returns from the Dragon Palace with the mysterious chest that holds Urashima's age, she will be delighted when Urashima transforms into an old man. She will embrace him out of joy that her old husband is back.

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