Vessel of Light

Vessel of Light
IdentityKurow (actual)
Kuni (chosen)
Used ByAkuro
UseCorporal body for Akuro

The purpose of a Vessel of Light in Okamiden was to provide a corporal body for Akuro to inhabit to bring eternal darkness, of which he would be the ruler of, onto Nippon. In Okamiden, it was revealed that during the course of Okami, Yami has been possessed by Akuro for this reason. However, Akuro later realised he could not achieve his plans using Yami, a Vessel of Shadow, so during the course of Okamiden he is on the search for a, much stronger, Vessel of Light. In order to take over the Vessel of Light, Akuro needs to bathe in the blood of the True Orochi, which results in the time travel in both games. This successfully occurs 100 years in the past when Chibiterasu is forced to chose between saving his friend Kuni from being crushed by a boulder or preventing Akuro from bathing.

Chibiterasu follows Akuro to the Dark Realm where it is revealed he has chosen Kuni as his Vessel of Light. Akuro explains how he had been possessing Kuni all along and using him to defeat the Demons who had turned on him and capturing their essence to increase his own strength. In order to free Kuni, Chibiterasu must battle the previous Bosses along with turncoat Kurow, with the aide of his partners and then Akuro, himself, without his partners. Defeating Akuro causes him to create Dark Chibiterasu who Chibiterasu must fight along with a possessed Kuni. Defeating them frees Kuni from Akuro's possession. However, Kurow then offers himself up to be possessed by Akuro and to act as his vessel. Akuro accepts this offer only to find that Kurow was created as a living doll by Waka to act as the one person he could not control as a Vessel of Light. As Akuro is trapped inside Kurow, Chibiterasu must sadly kill him to destroy Akuro forever, a task he accepts with great remorse.

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