Amaterasu Vine.jpg
Granted byTsutagami
LocationOkami: Tsuta Ruins
Okamiden: 5-Story Pagoda
Power(s)Creates a vine

Vine is taught by the last of the Hanagami flora gods, Tsutagami. The Kanji for "Tie Up" appear on screen after its use. It works by drawing a line from an open Konohana Blossom to Amaterasu. A vine will then extend to Amaterasu and drag her back towards the blossom. This is useful for reaching higher up places. However if the blossom faces downwards Amaterasu will simply drop to the ground unless she is dragged to another open blossom.
Vine can also be used on hooked objects as the vine will grab onto the hook. However many vines are often needed to make an effect.

[edit] Okamiden

Vine makes a reappearance in Okamiden along with Tsutagami. Its constellation can be found in the 5-Story Pagoda. A statue of Tsutagami is hidden away in what appears to be a Dogu head that has crashed through the walls of the Pagoda. Vine can now be used to pull Chibiterasu towards his partner that he has guided away.

[edit] Gallery

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