Water Lily

Water Lily
Granted byHasugami
LocationKamiki Village
Power(s)Creats a gint water lily that Amaterasu can stand on

Water Lily is taught by Hasugami, who is the second of the three Hanagami flora Gods. It is a Brush Technique exclusive to Okami. By drawing a circle on a patch of water, Amaterasu can create a lily pad that allows her to stand on the water. This is very useful as it allows Amaterasu to travel over bodies of water, her swimming life meter is also regained when she steps on one. Three lily pads can be made at a time and they can be moved with Galestorm.
However once Amaterasu buys the Water Tablet, Water Lily becomes useless except for a mini game in Sei'an City.

[edit] Okamiden

In Okamiden, Bloom replaces Water Lily. Now, instead of it having its own Brush Technique, Bloom can be used to blossom a bud on top of the water, that will transform into a path of crossable Water Lilies.

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