Granted byNuregami
LocationOkami: Sasa Sanctuary
Okamiden: 5-Story Pagoda
Power(s)Allows for the manipulaton of water.
Upgrade(s)Okami: Deluge
Okami: Fountain
Okamiden: Splash

Amaterasu learns Waterspout from Nuregami. With it she can control water however she needs a water source for it to work. It works by simply drawing a line from the water source to the item, the water will then follow the line.

Waterspout is first learned after Amaterasu takes part in a Digging Minigame with Mr. Bamboo to reflood the dried up hot spring in Sasa Sanctuary. Successfully restoring the water will cause Nuregami's constellation to appear.

It is used to erupt geysers, water plants and extinguish fire. The latter being very useful as a lot of enemies are covered in flames which may hurt Amaterasu and protect them from attack, it is also common for Treasure Chests to be covered in fire. There are two Secret Brush Techniques associated with Waterspout, one of them causes a downpour and the other allows teleportation between Mermaid Springs. Deluge is learnt after Amaterasu sprinkles water on Queen Himiko's grave and Fountain is learnt by participating in another digging minigame with the Dragon Dancers in the Dragon Palace.

[edit] Okamiden

Waterspout makes a return in Okamiden along with Nuregami. Nuregami's constellation is encountered almost immediately after Chibiterasu enters the 5-Story Pagoda with Nanami. It will reveal itself after examining a statue of Nuregami. The Secret Brush Technique Deluge reappears but it is called Splash and it can be obtained by buying it from the Shaman in Yakushi Village for 30,000 Yen after nine Migrants move in. Fountain does not appear due to the absence of Mermaid Springs in the game. The ability to erupt geysers is also not used due to the absence of the swimming mechanic.

As Blizzard does not appear in Okamiden, ice can be used as a source of Water for Waterspout.

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