Wet and Dry Jewels

Wet and Dry Jewels
Nanami and the Wet and Dry Jewels
TypeUnobtainable Key Item
LocationWith Nanami
With Bullhead

The Wet and Dry Jewels are two jewels that appear in Okamiden. The Wet Jewel is blue in colour while the Dry Jewel has a peach colour. They give the user the power to control water. The Dry Jewel also enables Chibiterasu to breath underwater when he and Nanami traverse through Sage Shrine

We first hear about them when Nanami is met in Agata Forest. Although they belong to her, she has lost them and must find them as they are from Otohime. It turns out that they were stolen by Bullhead in his attempts to become a Dragon. He is using them to keep Agata Forest flooded. However, after his defeat Nanami retrieves them and with her duty fulfilled she and Chibiterasu part ways.

When they are returned to her, she wears each one on the side of her head with her hair wrapped around them.

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The Dry Jewel's Power
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