Wheels are very similar to Doom Mirrors however they are much more common in the game. Each of them is based off a body part and has it's own separate element. Their element also gives clues as to how to attack them.

They attack by rolling around Amaterasu and lashing out with their elemental attack. They will also jump up in the air and try to land on Amaterasu and their final attack is simply just to stop and try to "breathe" their element at her.
They are impossible to damage while they are covered in their element so the player should use certain brush strokes to extinguish it, these are listen below. The Wheel will then become stunned, leaving it open for attack for a short time. You should complete this technique a few times before they finally die.


[edit] Fire Eye

Fire Eye
Fire Eye.jpg
First EncounterMoon Cave
Attack(s)Flame Body, Flame Thrower, Body Slam, Burn
Floral FinisherGalestorm

Fire Eyes are near identical to Fire Doom Mirrors except that they feature a giant eye on them and are way more common. They are first encountered in Moon Cave and their Floral Finisher is Galestorm. In order to extinguish their flames, thus leaving them open for attack, you need to use either Blizzard, Galestorm, or Waterspout. However if Amaterasu is touched by their flames she will catch fire, ether use Galestorm or Waterspout to get rid of the flames.

Bestiary Entry

This gigantic wheel is said to display a giant eye in its center. Legends say that viewing the demon causes one's eyes to boil. None one has been brave enough to view one, but one curious woman waited with her door ajar until the rumbling sound started. Afraid, she prayed. The gods answered her plea with a divine wind that put out the fire. People now write Amaterasu's Wind on their doors for protection.

Ice Lips

Ice Lips
Ice Lips.jpg
First EncounterMoon Cave
Attack(s)Ice Body, Ice Beam, Body Slam
Floral FinisherInferno

Ice Lips are similar to Ice Doom Mirrors, however they feature a very big pair of lips on them. They are first found in Moon Cave and their Floral Finisher is Inferno. In order to attack them you need to melt the ice with Inferno, this will also greatly damage them. However if Amaterasu touches them she will get frozen and subsequently damaged.

Bestiary Entry

A woman who made frigid comments was bound to a demon wheel. Now icy, she rolls through the city streets freezing those with open mouths. Smoke a pipe or use Inferno to burn this evil foe.

[edit] Thunder Ear

Thunder Ear
Thunder ear.jpg
First EncounterRyoshima Coast
Attack(s)Thunder Body, Body Slam, Paralysis
Floral FinisherPower Slash

Thunder Ears are very similar to Thunder Doom Mirrors, however they feature a giant ear on a wheel. They are first found in Ryoshima Coast and their Floral Finisher is Galestorm. In order to blow away their lightening and attack them you need to use Galestorm. Masu's Wanted List is comprised of Thunder Ear.

Bestiary Entry

An old saying says, "Good medicine often leaves a bitter taste." In other words, advice may seem harsh to the ears, but it is for our own good. The spirits of those who cannot take advice are bound to wheels. Perhaps wind could drown out the harsh words of this foe.

[edit] Earth Nose

Earth Nose
Earth Nose.jpg
First EncounterNorth Ryoshima Coast
WeaknessesVeil of Mist
Attack(s)Repeated Slamming
Floral FinisherVeil of Mist

Earth Noses cannot actually control Earth, instead they are fast like the wind. They are similar to Wind Doom Mirrors however they feature a large hooked nose on a wheel. They are first seen in North Ryoshima Coast and their Floral Finisher is Veil of Mist. As it travels so fast it is impossible to attack, so you must use Veil of Mist to slow down time so you can attack it. It will attack Amaterasu by rolling into her at high speeds.

Bestiary Entry

This demon uses intense winds to blow down people and houses alike. Originally, it was a Tengu who could bend the winds to his will. Wind cannot counter wind. It is said that only by manipulating the flow of time itself can one defeat this fearsome and windy evil.

[edit] Based On

Both Wheels and Doom Mirrors seem to be based off the Wanyūdō, a monster from Japanese Mythology. Wanyūdō are said to be the face of a man on a burning cart wheel. They are said to guard the gates of hell and travel along the path from hell to this world, dragging the souls of people who come to close back to hell with them.

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