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Wisps are new enemies introduced in Okamiden. They are half human and half fish creatures. They follow the same path around the ocean and thus cause problems for swimmers who must deviate from their course to pass them.

They are Sentry Beasts, meaning they appear outside of Demon Scrolls. They only make an appearance in the route to Sage Shrine, making them a tiny enemy that would normally go unnoticed by Chibiterasu if he were not shrunk by the Lucky Mallet. They simply float along the same path as an obstacle on the side scrolling route to Sage Shrine. They can easy be destroyed with Chibiterasu's Weapons or with Power Slash. However, if they are touched they will hurt Chibiterasu and knock him back so he risks being killed by the side scrolling screen.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"These half-human, half-fish creatures float around in the ocean. They never deviate from a course, and are obstacles to people trying to swim."

[edit] Based On

They greatly resemble Sea Angels.

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