Witch Queen

Witch Queen
Witch Queen.jpg
Location(s)Demon Market
Weakness(es)Power Slash
Cherry Bomb
Attack(s)Fire Breath, Minion Summoning
Weapon(s)Duel Cleavers

The Witch Queen is a boss in Okamiden. Chibiterasu and Kuni must battle her in the Demon Market after they accidently misplace their disguises during their attempt to convince Nanami that they are not real Demons. She is the leader of Demon Market. Although she has a regal and calm appearance, she can be very quick to anger, easily seen in how she attacks Chibiterasu and Kuni straight away. She will attack anyone, regardless if they are a friend or enemy.

She is a haggard old demon who is almost just a giant head wielding two knives. She has a bone going through her tied up hair.

She seems to have problems telling humans apart as when Chibiterasu returns to the Demon Market, she recognizes him but cannot tell the difference between Kuni and Kurow.

Chibiterasu must take part in two separate Racing Minigames to escape from her clutches.


[edit] Attacks

The Witch Queen attacks using the giant cleavers she wields. She can also summon a fiery breath that will damage Kuni and Chibiterasu. This will set them on fire, which will cause recurring damage until it is extinguished, either with water or by waiting for it to go out naturally.

[edit] Defeating Her

Witch Queen Concept Art

Chibiterasu must attack he using his Weapons. However, he can only attack her from the back as she can use her knives to block front on attacks. She becomes stunned after enough hits and then Chibiterasu can use his Brush Techniques to harm her. Cherry Bomb, however, can be used to damage her greatly and she cannot block it. After she has taken enough damage she will start to heal herself using patches of power that erupt from the ground. The scared Kuni must stop her ability to heal by standing on a switch. The wisps that come from the patches of power can be destroyed by Chibiterasu to produce Ink Pots and Rice Balls. But, if he touches them they will damage him.

Although they believe they have killed her, she quickly recovers and sets hoards of Demons on Chibiterasu, Nanami and Kuni. Kuni decides to stay behind and fight the Demons off, allowing Nanami and Chibiterasu to partner up and escape together. Eventually the trio join up again and are pulled out of the Demon Market by Kokari and his fishing rod.

Then when Chibiterasu and Kurow return, although there is no second fight with her, she chases them again through new, unexplored areas in a 2D side scrolling style.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"This is the iron-fisted ringleader of the Demon Market. Her silent, regal facade is not easy to maintain as she is prone to anger. When she is enraged, her tantrums threaten to rend the ground itself. She will lash out at friend and foe alike until her anger has dissipated. Woe to all who cross her path at the Demon Market!"

[edit] Trivia

  • She is the only boss who we do not see dying.
  • She is believed to be the cause of the earthquakes plaguing the Demon Market.
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