Yakushi Village

Yakushi Village
Connects ToShinshu Field
Notable Inhabitant(s)Migrants
Dr. Redbeard
Ayame's Mother
EnemiesGreen Imps

Yakushi Village is the village is a small village in Okamiden. Dr. Redbeard is its founder. He founded it as a refuge for the sick after he came across an area of fertile land with a perfect climate for growing his herbs. It can be found in a new area right between the Nameless Man's Kiln and the road to Kamiki Village.

A new character called Jin can be found in each of the merchant's hut and he can warp Chibiterasu and his partner, but not Chibiterasu alone, back to Yakushi Village. However, they can then only leave the village by warping back to the merchant's hut that they came from. He disappears once Kagu gives Chibiterasu a Prayer Slip that allows warping between Origin Mirrors.


[edit] Role in the Plot

The adventure begins in Yakushi Village as Issun travels there to spread the word ofAmaterasu and her great deeds. However, while there, he is ambushed by Imps and the small wolf pup Chibiterasu is sent down from the Celestial Plain to find the cause of the returning evil. Chibiterasu and Issun then travel together back to Kamiki Village to find Sakuya who may give them some information. However, once they leave Yakushi Village, they will not be able to return till after Chibiterasu has learned Bloom.

Chibiterasu receives a map from one of the residents upon leaving the village for the first time. On his journey, he will encounter a wide variety of people and animals who would like to move to a new area. Chibiterasu can show them the map, resulting in the character leaving to take up residence in the village. He will receive Praise upon their departure and even a reward if he talks to them later. Encouraging more people to move to the village will cause it to expand with more buildings and services opening up.

It is where Chibiterasu finds his first Issun's Masterpiece.

One of the most important events that occurs in Yakushi Village is Chibiterasu's first encounter with Ayame. Ayame, who lives with her mother in the village, is very sick and has only been given a year to live. She and her mother moved to the village in the hope of finding a cure for her illness, however despite great efforts from Dr. Redbeard, his medicine was just not powerful enough to cure her. Her dying wish is to see the fireworks one last time. However, Tama, the fireworks maker, is unable to make the fireworks as he is too ill. Dr. Redbeard refuses to give him medicine as, in the past, he has stolen herbs from him to make fireworks. However, upon seeing how desperately Ayame wants to see fireworks, Dr. Redbeard has a change of heart and gives Tama medicine to cure his illness and herbs to make more fireworks. Chibiterasu later has a chance to cure Ayame when he meets Dr. Bluebeard, Dr. Redbeard's brother. As a reward for catching a thief, Dr. Bluebeard presents Chibiterasu with some mushrooms. When he brings them to Dr. Redbeard, he combines them with his herbs to create the strongest medicine ever created. It is even strong enough to cure Ayame's terminal illness.

[edit] Blacksmith

A Blacksmith also takes up residence here and he will upgrade Chibiterasu's Weapons with Demon Parts. However, this will only happen if Chibiterasu manages to convince at least one person to move to the village. He will expand his inventory when presented with Lucky Coins. Only Five Lucky coins are needed to unlock all the upgrades, however 45 Demon Bones, 45 Demon Skins and 40 Demon Livers are needed for all the upgrades.

Divine Retribution - Initial Reflector.
Purity Reflector - Unlocked after two Lucky Coins and available for upgrade in exchange for ten Demon Bones.
Truth Mirror - Unlocked after five Lucky Coins and available for upgrade in exchange for ten Demon Skins and ten Demon Livers.

Devout Beads - Initial Rosary that is acquired in Sei'an City.
Sun Beads - Unlocked after two Lucky Coins and available for upgrade in exchange for fifteen Demon Bones and ten Demon Skins.
Mystic Beads - Unlocked after five Lucky Coins and available for upgrade in exchange for fifteen Demon Skins and ten Demon Livers.

Tsumugari - Initial Glaive that is acquired in the 5-Story Pagoda.
Light Sword - Unlocked after two Lucky Coins and available for upgrade in exchange for twenty Demon Bones and five Demon Skins.
Feather Sword - Unlocked after two Lucky Coins and available for upgrade in exchange for five Demon Skins and twenty Demon Livers.

[edit] Shaman

A Shaman will eventually set up shop once two people have been convinced to move to the village. He will sell Chibiterasu Secret Techniques as well as regular Items. The more people Chibiterasu convinces to move, the more items he will stock.

Secret Brush Techniques
Unlike in Okami, Secret Brush Techniques can only be bought from the Shaman in Yakushi Village. Even if the right amount of characters have been invited to stay in the village, the brush techniques will only appear unless the previous technique has been learned.

Secret Brush Technique Price Number of villagers required
Cherry Bomb 2 30,000 Yen Three
Fireburst 30,000 Yen Three
Splash 30,000 Yen Nine
Whirlwind 50,000 Yen Nine
Thunderbolt 50,000 Yen Nine

[edit] Old Man

An Old Man from South Ryoshima Coast will Migrate to Yakushi Village once the hot spring has been built. He will eventually buy Demon Parts off Chibiterasu for Yen. He can be found on the second floor of Naguri's in through the entrance to the right.

[edit] Side Quests

Yakushi Village offers a lot of side quests for Chibiterasu to participate in. Most of them can only be initiated after specific characters have migrated to the village.

Side Quest One
This causes a building to be built that allows Chibiterasu to reach the bombable crack in the wall to the north west of the village

Chibiterasu must invite both the Retired Fisherman from South Ryoshima Coast and the Forest Woman from Agata Forest. They can be found in the upper level of the village towards the centre of the village. Then in order for the house to be built he has to deliver a letter from the Forest Woman to the Retired Fisherman, leave the village and return to receive Praise from the Forest Woman, leave the village again and return to find them both behind the waterfall to the west of the village and finally leave the village once more and return to find their house built.

Side Quest Two
In this side quest, Chibiterasu must chase a Tanuki around the village in order to get money back that the Tanuki conned off him.

Chibiterasu must first invite the Tanuki to migrate from Madame Fawn's cave in Agata Forest. He can then be found in the upper level of the village to the north west. He will offer Chibiterasu a "rare item" for 10,000 Yen. However, upon buying it, Chibiterasu learns it is a worthless Stray Bead. The Tanuki then runs away and Chibiterasu's partner suggests they follow it. There are three different locations that he runs to. First he can be found in the second house where the lost girl from Shinshu Field lives on the lower level of the village. He will then run and hide in Dr. Redbeard's house. After that he can be found on the right side of the upper level of the village. He will then return Chibiterasu's money, give him the Lucky Cat Paw Trinket and some Praise or another Stray Bead if Chibiterasu already has the Lucky Cat Paw.

Side Quest Three
The aim of this side quest is to help the animals that moved to Yakushi Village and to find Momotaro some retainers.

Firstly Chibiterasu must invite the Dog from North Ryoshima Coast, the Monkey from Hana Valley and the Pheasant from South Ryoshima Coast to migrate to Yakushi Village. It is only then that Momotaro from Sei'an City's Commoner's Quarters will want to migrate. They will all relocate to Naguri's Inn and can be found through the right entrance on the second floor. In order to complete the side quest Chibiterasu must talk to Momotaro in the inn and complete his Manifest and receive Praise. Then he has to leave the room, enter it and talk to all the animals then leave the room again and talk to the puppy upon re-entry. He has to then leave the room one final time and if he talks to Momotaro again, he will get Praise.

Side Quest Four In order to complete this side quest, Ayame must be healed and the Old Man from South Ryoshima Coast and the Old Woman from Shinshu Field must have migrated to the hot spring in the village. A character called Grimm can then be found in the hot spring upstairs in Naguri's Inn. Chibiterasu must first talk to him, then leave thee village and talk to him again upon re-entry. He will request to talk to Chibiterasu alone so he must abandon his partner temporarily and talk to him again. He must then leave and go to the bombable wall located before the bridge with the bombable wall behind a waterfall where he can talk to Grimm and Ayame.

[edit] Villagers

Dr. Redbeard
Ayame's Mother
List of Migrants to Yakushi Village

[edit] Trivia

  • Yakushi means "medicine user" in Japanese. It is also the short form of a Japanese Buddhist healer known as Bhaisajyaguru.
  • On their journey, Chibiterasu and Kuni encounter a wounded crane who they can heal with some of Dr. Redbeard's medicine. If Chibiterasu travels to the village, he can encounter a lady in one of the houses who claims to know the crane he rescued. She will announce she has a surprise for him and will hastily run upstairs to prepare it. She declares that Chibiterasu and his partner cannot enter the room until she is ready. If they follow her upstairs, they will see a crane flying away who is implied to be the woman. If they respect her wishes, they get a Lucky Coin. This is based on a Japanese legend of a man who healed a wounded crane and later encountered a woman who made clothes for him. However, she flew away once he discovered she was the crane.

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