Fiery Chef Yama
LocationSei'an City

Yama has a restaurant in the Common's Quarters of Sei'an City and will teach Amaterasu Fireburst if she brings him the Golden Mushroom. The Golden Mushroom can be gotten by beating the Moles in a game in Taka Pass. They will then reward Amaterasu with a Golden Teapot and if she brings this Golden Teapot to the Tea Master near the entrance to Taka Pass, he will give her the Golden Mushroom.

[edit] Okamiden

Yama and his restaurant return in Okamiden. Chibiterasu must use Kagu's Enchantment Slips to banish the curse that has been placed on his restaurant. The scroll inscribed with the infinity symbol for Fireburst can still be seen over his oven.

[edit] Based On

Yama and his cafe, along with Umi and his restaurant, are based on the Japanese story of "The Restaurant of Many Orders".

The word Yama means mountain.

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