Yami's True Form
LocationArk of Yamato
Weakness(es)First Form: Bloom
Second Form: Crescent
Third Form: Veil of Mist
Fourth Form: Thunderstorm, Blizzard
Final Form: Sunrise
Weapon(s)Mechanical Weapons, Lasers

Yami is The Emperor of Eternal Darkness and the final boss in Okami. He is called the source of all evil and darkness so it is only natural for him to be main enemy of the Sun God Amaterasu. They have been fighting a battle for hundreds of years and it is up to Amaterasu to defeat him once and for all.

Yami has five different forms, his last one being his true form. However all his forms take the appearance of a spherical machine, with his last form being the same bar the giant hand emerging from it. Amaterasu must battle with all these forms to try and defeat him. However it is not that easy, his outside is impervious to damage so Amaterasu must try and expose his core before she can attack him.

A lot of Yami's attacks involve machinery hinting that he may have some connection with the Moon Tribe as they too had advanced technology. However his strongest attack is called Sunset, this is when he removes Amaterasu's ability to use her Brush Techniques by stripping the world of sunlight. She then must spend the whole of her battle with him trying to regain them one by one.

Yami came to the mortal world upon the Ark of Yamato. He attacked and killed the Celestials when Waka was trying to save them from Orochi's attack on the Celestial Plain.


[edit] Role in the Plot

After Amaterasu rekills The Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, Ninetails, The Orochi and Blight she will be transported to the bowels of the ark where Yami is. When she gets there Waka is fruitlessly attacking Yami's hard outer shell with his sword, Pillowtalk. However Yami awakens when Amaterasu appears as the Day of Darkness is finally upon them and he drains all of her power, removing her ability to use Brush Techniques and her Weapons. He then tries to shoot a potentially dangerous laser at her however Waka jumps in the way and blocks the beam with his sword. Waka tells Ammy about how Yami slaughtered all of the Celestials as he tried to fly them to safety in the ark. However Waka also says that it is his fault because he did not know that Yami was on the ark and that has haunted him to this very day which is the reason why he must fight to destroy Yami. Waka manages to hold off the beam but Yami fires another one that hits Waka at full force and send him flying over the edge of the arena, to what seems like his death. After this Ammy goes into battle with Yami, after fighting four of his different forms consecutively she thinks she has beaten him. However Yami reverts to his true form and steals all of Ammy's powers again by using Sunset and then he goes to kill her, something which he would have succeeded in if it wasn't for Issun. At that very moment Issun calls up to the heavens, telling Ammy, or "furball" as he calls her, that he would never leave her fight alone. By drawing pictures of her and telling stories of her exploits, Issun has rallied up all of the support of the people of Nippon and they are praying to her as they now believe that she is truly a god. Because of all this, Amaterasu's powers are fully restored and she returns to the same level of power she had while she was Shiranui. Ammy is then able to fight Yami in his final form, however he can still use Sunset, turning day into night which temporarily drains her of her powers.

[edit] Fighting it

[edit] First Form

Yami's First Form

Yami's first form is a red sphere with black markings. He will steal all of Amaterasu's Brush techniques, using Sunset, before he starts fighting. He has few attacks but the deal a lot of damage. They include, firing rockets, smashing holes in the floor which can be fixed with Rejuvenation, charging at Amaterasu with a spinning blade that comes from his side and firing a laser like the one that he uses to defeat Waka in the cutscene before the battle. Amaterasu regains the Brush Techniques Rejuvenation, Power Slash and Greensprout. She should attack him whenever she gets the chance and once she gets Bloom back she can use it to expose his core.

[edit] Second Form

Yami's Second Form

Yami changes from red to green in this form and so to do his attacks. He has few attacks which makes this form slightly easier. His attacks include splitting into pieces and trying to hit Amaterasu with the one that's on fire and splitting into pieces to elongate and try and hit Ammy with a fist. The Brush Techniques regained in this form are Cherry Bomb, Waterspout and Crescent. She can attack him by climbing up the pieces of him to reach his core. When she regains Crescent, she can also use it to split him in half, exposing his core, when he is in the shape of a sphere.

[edit] Third Form

Yami's Third Form

In this form, Yami will change between a blue sphere and a slot machine. The slot machine dials will spin very fast, too fast for Amaterasu to see them. If Amaterasu uses Power Slash on it the dials will stop, choosing an attack for Yami. This is hard until Veil of Mist is learned as then Amaterasu can slow down the dials so she can choose what happens to her. Yami has one major weakness in this form and that is that one of the slot machine selections will make Yami's core available for attack. Some of the slot machine selections will also fire projectiles at Amaterasu which she can reflect back with Power Slash to hurt him and expose his core for a little while. Other selections will reward Amaterasu with Ink Pots and Solar Orbs.

[edit] Fourth Form

Yami's Fourth Form

In this form Yami will grow legs and wield Ninestrike, the same Glaive used by Ninetails. It will attack Amaterasu with the swords, exhaust fumes, missiles, a laser and fire and electrical whips. Amaterasu should keep attacking the core whenever it appears from his exhaust pipe. After she gets back Thunderstorm she can use it to electrocute him when he raises his sword to the air. This causes his core to pop out. She gets back Catwalk in this battle but she cannot use it to attack, instead Amaterasu can use it to climb the pillars that appear at the edge of the arena, for Treasure. Brush Techniques returned are Catwalk, Thunderstorm and Blizzard. On occasion the core will appear from behind a covering on the midsection of this form, when it appears Amaterasu should use Thunderstorm and Blizzard to attack it and damage it before it gets covered up again. If Ammy takes more than a few seconds in drawing a brush technique, however, the midsection will close until the brush parchment is gone.

[edit] True Form

This is Yami's final form and is quite easy for a last battle. His spherical body will grow a hand which in turn holds his core. His attacks in this form include causing a meteor shower, firing lasers and using Sunset to turn day into night which drains all of Amaterasu's ink. When Amaterasu's ink returns after it has been drained, Sunrise will stun Yami causing it to drop the core allowing her to attack it. Amaterasu can also use her weapons to attack the core when it is in the middle of the hand, however bringing up the Celestial Brush will cause the core to be covered up.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

[edit] First Form

This horrifying entity has been called "Empty Death". It seeks complete destruction. For eons, it has been locked in a struggle with the sun god. This fight has been described thusly: "Yami's destruction was countered by the sun god's Rejuvenation."

[edit] Second Form

Round, cold, and desolate as the moon, Yami has never been depicted as a human or animal in any drawing. It is simply too inorganic in appearances to warrant such portrayals. "Yami took on a ring form when attacked, rendering blows useless. The beast was bathed in moonlight, the light acting as a blade."'

[edit] Third Form

In most legends, gods are portrayed as good or evil; as representations of specific animals. This is not the case of the dreaded Yami. "Yami belched fire and ice, but the god deflected the onslaught. The beast attacked violently, with speed and unpredictability. Only by slowing the flow of time could the sun god defend itself."

[edit] Fourth Form

Its inorganic nature resembles machinery, leading one gadgetry expert to speculated that is is likely the source of all machines. When the god attacked with thunder, the machine coughed forth a seed. When the beast drew it back in, the god knew it must be the core. The beast tried to seal away its core with an icy blast.

[edit] True Form

In all these tales, there is no record of a decisive victor. Has no one emerged victorious? Or was the event simply not recorded? As the darkness tries to cover all, forget not the warmth of purifying light. Prayer is power. Power is prayer.

[edit] Okamiden

As Yami is dead, he naturally does not reappear. However, near the end of the game, we find out that the main antagonist of Okamiden, Akuro, was one of five vessels for Yami's power after his defeat.

[edit] Trivia

  • Yami appears as the final boss in the game Tatsunoko vs Capcom. His first, fourth and true forms must be fought. The background music is also The Sun Rises, a song that appears in Okami.
  • The word Yami means darkness in Japanese.
  • Using crescent will make a giant Nagi appear

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