LocationGale Shrine
FamilyWife: Princess Fuse

Yatsu is the ghost that lives outside Gale Shrine. He informs Amaterasu of the Serpent Crystal and the misfortune that Gale Shrine is suffering.
He is blind but his inner eye sees Amaterasu as a "beautiful maiden" and Issun as a "little booger". Before Yatsu's death, he was the last priest of the Satomi House. Before his spirit passes on, he admits to be Princess Fuse's husband. He says he still lingers outside Gale Shrine as he is worried about the difficulties Princess Fuse has to face. However when the Crimson Helm is defeated, his worries are over.

Yatsu is the first human ghost you meet in the game and the only human ghost that's interaction is needed to progress in the game.

[edit] Origins

Yatsu takes his origins from Yatsufusa in the great Japanese epic novel Nanso Satomi Hakkenden. Yatsufusa was the dog of the Satomi Clan. One night, when the enemy Anzai was laying siege to the castle, Lord Satomi Yoshizane said to the dog, in jest, that if he were to kill Anzai, he would give him his daughter's hand in marriage. The dog believed his offer and killed the enemy and Lord Satomi Yoshizane, in keeping with his promise, gave the dog his daughter. Princess Fusehime has a virgin birth but commits suicide out of the shame of carrying the dog's children. The children are then born as spirits but are later reborn as men from human mothers each carried one of the eight Holy Crystal Beads of virtue.

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