Yen in Okamiden
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Yen is the currency used in all of Nippon, it is of course named after the Japanese currency. It is used for buying goods, paying for new Dojo moves or it can be donated to springs in the hope of learning a Secret Brush Technique. It is earned by defeating Demons, smashing pots and other objects, digging, etc.
The activity that create the most Yen is participating in a Devil Gate Trial.

There are two kinds, a green circular coin with a hole in it (apparently based on the historical Mon[1]) and a gold oval shaped coin with markings on it (the Koban[2]). The gold coins is of course worth more and comes in various sizes, the bigger the coin the more valuable.

The amount of Yen Amaterasu can hold can be upgraded using Praise.

[edit] Okamiden

Yen naturally returns in Okamiden. The green Yen are now worth ten and the gold Yen 100.

[edit] Trivia

  • The most Yen that can be earned at a time is 1,599,000 Yen. This can be obtained by doing a perfect round in a Devil Gate Trial.

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