Agata Forest

Agata Forest
TypeHub Area
Connects ToShinshu Field
Tsuta Ruins
Taka Pass
Ryoshima Coast (portal)
5-Story Pagoda
Demon Market
Notable Inhabitant(s)Kokari
Madame Fawn
EnemiesGreen Imp, Red Imp, Yellow Imp, Dead Fish, Sentry Beasts, Snake Sash
Notable ItemsCrescent Brush Technique
Stray Beads
Issun's Masterpieces

Agata Forest is a swampy forest that lies south west of Shinshu Field, in order to reach it Amaterasu must use Water Lily. Although it is not a hub area it has a small population.

The centre piece of the forest is a giant lake with lots of small islands in it, the islands have giant trees on them which can be explored using Vine. This lake area is surrounded by cliffs and the cliff tops contain lots of thick trees but can easily be explored by Amaterasu. The area's Guardian Sapling can be found in a cave in the cliff face. The landscape has a lot of different levels to it with a big drop to the lake in the middle of it. The Narai River flows through it.

Amaterasu meets and battles Waka here for the first time. She also Fishes here for the first time as two specific Fish must be caught here to advance in the storyline. Kiba also resides here, so after Amaterasu restores the Guardian Sapling she can trade her Demon Fangs for Items and Holy Artifacts. She can also get her fortune told in Agata Forest as Madame Fawn lives in a large cavern near the shore.
There is a mini game here that involves rolling spheres to Sleepy.

The area also contains the entrance to the first dungeon Amaterasu can explore, Tsuta Ruins. The entrance is blocked at first so Amaterasu needs to fish with Kokari for the key. When she completes the dungeon, a bridge to Taka Pass is made.
At the most highest cliff top, past Hitoshi Spring, there is a tunnel that brings Amaterasu to a cliff way above Shinshu Field. Amaterasu can jump off this cliff to return to Shinshu Field however she cannot jump back up it.

[edit] Okamiden

Flooded Agata Forest
The Deep Abyss
The Log Bridge

Agata Forest makes a reappearance in Okamiden. When Chibiterasu and Kuni first travel to it she find it completely flooded. The only entrance there is through a new tunnel from Shinshu Field. However, a portal to the Demon Market can be opened twice.

He finds Kokari and Ume there, Kokari is trying to fish out a giant Catfish Bullhead, who is the perpetrator of the flooding. However unlike Okami, Chibiterasu cannot participate in Fishing with them. Karude is also at the shoreline but when the water level returns to normal, he can be found inside his house. He will ask Chibiterasu to look for his fishing equipment in an optional side quest for Praise.

Chibiterasu must use fallen debris to travel through the area as he cannot swim. After Chibiterasu carefully makes it to the Guardian Sapling and revives it, he will meet with Nanami. She calls Chibiterasu "Squiddy", much to his disdain, and claims to be friends with him. She asks Chibiterasu where his blonde haired friend (Kurou) has gone but Chibiterasu has no idea what she is talking about as he does not know her. She ignores this as she is much more busy searching for a treasure, belonging to Queen Otohime, that she has lost. She then leaves to look for the treasure. The woman found beside the Guardian Sapling can be convinced to move to Yakushi Village. This will net Chibiterasu Praise.

Madame Fawn can be found at Hitoshio Shrine as her cave has been flooded. She will tell Chibiterasu and Kuni how to get to the Demon Market where they must rescue Nanami. She later tells Kokari to rescue the trio from the grasps of the Witch Queen by pulling them out of the market with his fishing rod.

After they return from the Demon Market, Bullhead will kidnap Kuni, forcing Chibiterasu and Nanami to partner up. They can now explore the 5-Story Pagoda as Nanami's swimming powers allow Chibiterasu to guide her to the Bead Key that opens the Pagoda. After exploring the Pagoda, Bullfish must be fought. After his defeat, the flood waters break. As well as unflooding the Forest, it washes Chibterasu, Kuni and Nanami to South Ryoshima Coast and the unflooded Agata Forest cannot be explored again for a while.

When trying to reach Thundercloud, Kurow and Chibiterasu crash land here. Under the advice of Madame Fawn, who has moved back to her original house, they explore the Demon Market again to find Kurow's missing wings. There are several Treasures around the area that Kurow can reach by Guidance. They then successfully try to fly again to Thundercloud.

After Kagu is rescued from the Moon Tribe Ruins, Agata Forest can be accessed whenever Chibiterasu wants because of a prayer slip Kagu gives him, which allows travel between Ultimate Origin Mirrors.

[edit] Trivia

  • In Okamiden, the lady in the underground cavern where the Guardian Sapling is will misspell "forest" as "forrest". However, she will later migrate to Yakushi Village so this misspelling is only available for a short period of time.

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