Okami Amaterasu
RaceBrush God
LocationTravelling Nippon (Okami)
Celestial Plain (Okamiden)
FamilyFather: Shiranui
Son: Chibiterasu

The Great Mother Okami Amaterasu, is the main character of Okami. Her name is often shortened to Ammy (by Issun). She is the white wolf the player controls, a reincarnation of Shiranui (who died shortly after defeating Orochi 100 years earlier). In appearance, Amaterasu is a pure white wolf to the naked eye, but other spiritual beings and those who truly believe in the legend of Shiranui can see her red markings on her and the divine instrument on her back. If she uses up all of her ink then her markings and weapons will disappear until her ink powers return. Throughout the game, other characters give Amaterasu nicknames (such as Snowy or Chalky), mainly from people who believe that she is just a white wolf and cannot see her spiritual markings.


[edit] Role in the Plot

As Amaterasu is the main character, it is her job to restore light to the land after the Orochi's curse has taken effect. She is called upon by Sakuya to travel the lands and revive her Guardian Saplings. However as she is only a reincarnation of Shiranui she needs to relearn all of the Brush Techniques and figure out her true powers. A Poncle named Issun accompanies her on the journey as he too wants to master the brush techniques. On her journey to restore peace and nature to the lands, Amaterasu must put herself to the test as she battles demons and solves problems all in the build up to defeating the ultimate evil, Yami and making her way back home to the Celestial Plain.

[edit] Sunrise


Amaterasu is the Sun Goddess, meaning that after the player discovers this, by drawing a circle in the sky, a red sun will appear. If it is nighttime, a small cut-scene will play showing the sun rise and a rooster crow, and the night will turn to day or if it is already daytime the time will revert back to the start of day. Some things are only possible in the day (eg. most people will go inside to sleep at night so if you must talk to them, it can only be done in the day). There are also some events that require the sun to progress further, ranging from putting a missing sun into the sky to drying someone's washing.

[edit] Attributes

Amaterasu has four attributes which can be improved via the Fan Menu using Praise. Each of these attributes help Amaterasu in her journey in different ways. Godhood is not improved in the same way, however.

[edit] Solar Energy

Solar Energy.jpg

This is how much health Amaterasu has. She can improve this attribute with Praise or by collecting Solar Fragments. If Amaterasu is damaged, this stat will replenish itself over time. However, she can also use Holy Bones, Solar Orbs and the Wood Mat to speed up her recovery. When swimming, one of Amaterasu's Solar Units will drain after time, and if she stays in the water for too long, she will drown and return to land. If all of Amaterasu's Solar Energy runs out, she will die. The Astral Pouch will revive her if it is full, however.
Amaterasu's amount of Solar Energy is displayed on the top left corner of the screen.

Amaterasu's Solar Energy becomes infinite with the String of Beads equipped.

[edit] Astral Pouch


This is a small bag that stores food for Amaterasu, the first one is found in River of the Heavens. This pouch holds 200 pieces of food, and when the pouch is completely filled, it will revive Amaterasu when she dies. Praise can be used to buy more Astral Pouches, with four being the maximum. Any extra food collected when all your pouches are full will be converted into Yen. A Golden Peach will automatically refill the Astral Pouch. However, as it does not automatically fill the Astral Pouch, it must be used manually from the Fan Menu. Amaterasu will still die if her Astral Pouch empties, no matter how many Golden Peaches she has in her possession. The amount of Astral Pouches and the capacity of food they are holding shows up in the bottom left corner.

[edit] Ink Pots


This is how much ink Amaterasu has for her Celestial Brush. Each technique uses a certain amount of ink. If she runs out of ink, she will not be able to use her brush, and she will also lose use of her Divine Instrument. Her Divine Markings will also disappear. The ink regenerates itself at the speed of one pot per 9 seconds. However, the Golden Ink Pot speeds the ink pot recovery time up to three seconds. An Inkfinity Stone will give Amaterasu infinite ink for a limited period of time. Amaterasu can increase the amount of ink pots by using Praise. The amount of ink pots and how full they are appears in the top left corner (with the maximum being ten).

With the String of Beads equipped, Amaterasu will have unlimited ink.

[edit] Yen


This is how much money Amaterasu holds. The name of the currency is of course Yen. Amaterasu needs yen to buy Items, learn Dojo Techniques, and donate it at various Divine Springs for Secret Brush Techniques. Yen can be found in lots of various ways, but Amaterasu can only carry so much of it at a time, and any yen that she gets when she cannot carry anymore will not show up. The amount of yen can be seen on the bottom right hand corner, and Amaterasu can use Praise to improve the amount she can carry. The maximum amount of money that can be held at one time, after acquiring the maximum Yen Pouch upgrade, is 99,999,999 yen.

[edit] Godhood

Upgrading Attributes

Amaterasu's Godhood acts as a shield during battle. Amaterasu's level of godhood determines how many attacks she can take without being damaged. Godhood has five levels, and Amaterasu will gain more by doing well in battles (by performing combos) and avoiding being damaged. However, her godhood will decrease if she is hit or if she escapes from a battle. She can also use the Traveler's Charm or Godly Charm to boost her godhood (the Traveler's Charm restores one level of godhood, whilst the Godly Charm raises the godhood level to its maximum). The current godhood level can be seen in the lower left corner of the screen. There are 3 levels of godhood that prevent damage (indicated by a silhouette of Amaterasu surrounded by a green (Level 3), yellow (Level 2) or red (Level 1) circle), while the other two are neutral and negative (indicated by showing nothing or a symbol of a skull and crossbones, respectively).

[edit] Nature

Amaterasu is good willed and lovable, yet can also be lazy and arrogant at times. She helps all those who need it, although she can be opinionated at times. She shows her faults by giving the Fox Rods to Rao even though she was warned not to however, she immediately realises that Rao is Ninetails in Queen Himiko's throne room. She has been described by other people as "thick," often taking insult to this with Issun even mentioning that "Ammy gets kinda sensitive about her flaws!" and she is often described as "All brawn no brains." She is intelligent enough to understand humans although she relies on Issun to speak back. Like most characters, she has shown attraction towards Rao on many occasions.

[edit] Okamiden

Amaterasu does not return fully in Okamiden, however she does send her son Chibiterasu down from the Celestial Plain to rid the returning evil. She appears briefly at the start of the game as she can be seen looking down, worried, at Issun before he is attacked by Demons. However she is mentioned repeatedly through out the game by characters reminiscing about her past adventure. Most people even mistake him for Amaterasu at the start, only correcting themselves when they comment that she has "shrunk." She is then seen once more when Chibiterasu and Kurow travel back in time, as she is fighting Orochi with Susano.

She is also referred to by a Trinket called the "Ammy Doll" and Mika's "Amaterasu Icon" Manifest.

[edit] Based on

Amaterasu is based on the Japanese deity of the same name. Like our Amaterasu, the Amaterasu of legends was the Sun Goddess. Many of the other well known Okami characters are also part of this story, with Susano and the great sword Tsukuyomi being based off her Brothers. Like our Ammy, Amaterasu later becomes the ruler of the Celestial Plain.
One of her legends is quite like the story of our Amaterasu. In this story, Amaterasu's brother Susanoo goes on a drunken rampage and destroys many of Amaterasu's belongings and kills her hand maidens. Out of fury Amaterasu seals herself up in a cave and because of this the world falls to darkness. However the Gods lure her out and she returns to the Celestial Plain after defeating her brother.
The main theme of Okami is also similar to Amaterasu's duty. Amaterasu must restore nature to the land and cast out the darkness just like the real Sun Goddess.

[edit] Trivia

Amaterasu as a dolphin (note her markings and Rosary)
  • Early ideas for Amaterasu's character included her turning into a falcon while jumping and a dolphin while swimming. These concepts were soon scrapped but drawings of them appear in the art book and art collections.
  • Amaterasu is said to be a reincarnation of Shiranui. However, in Okamiden, Shiranui refers to Chibiterasu as his grandson, this would make Amaterasu his daughter as opposed to a reincarnation.
  • Amaterasu appears as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. She can utilise her three different types of Weapons as well as her Brush Techniques.
  • If Amaterasu goes too close to a fire source, her tail can catch fire.

[edit] Gallery

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