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Animal Tome
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After the Orochi's curse has been freed from an area of land Animals will begin to appear in it. Feeding the animals will give you Praise, the amount of Praise received varies from one to fifty with the average being ten. The bigger the animal and higher the percentage the more praise received. By feeding all the animals in Nippon you can earn up to 1000 Praise.

The Animal Tome can be viewed via the Fan Menu. It keeps a record of the types of animals feed along with pictures, a description and the amount of that certain animal fed.


[edit] Feeding Animals

Animals can be fed by approaching them and pressing the Circle/Z button when the option to feed them appears. All animals will eat a specific Feedbag whether it be Seed, Meat, Fish or Herbs, Monkeys, Raccoons, and Mice will eat Seeds, Meat, and Fish. After the player has selected to feed the animal the fan menu will pop up and they must then choose the correct Feedbag. However this is not the case with the Canine Warriors as you must manually chose the Feedbag from the menu. After you feed the animal a cut scene will start however this can be skipped.
If you feed one animal, all the animals in that group will be fed.

[edit] Locations

Animals are found all over Nippon however not in dungeons. One dog resides in the Spirit Gate so you must be careful to feed him before you leave. During the night the animals will be in the same location however they will be asleep, though waking them up to feed them is optional. The exceptions to this are sparrows and nightingales as they simply will not be around in the night time.

[edit] Animal Tome

Animal Description Location
Sparrow These tiny birds eat seeds in an adorable manner. Kamiki Village, Shinshu Field, Agata Forest, Taka Pass, Kusa Village, Sasa Sanctuary
Chicken These domesticated fowl are known to be quite fond of seeds. Kamiki Village, Kusa Village
Dog These meat-loving animals show great loyalty and affection. Kamiki Village, Agata Forest, Taka Pass, Kusa Village, Sasa Sancutary, Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast, Spirit Gate
Hare These herb-eating rodents are known for their long ears. Kamiki Village, Shinshu Field, Agata Forest, Sasa Sanctuary, Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast, Kamui, Wep'keer, Ponc'tan
Boar These cowardly animals charge when frightened. They enjoy seeds. Hana Valley, Shinshu Field, Dragon Palace, Ponc'tan
Boar Piglet These seed-eating babies can be identified by their stripes. Hana Valley, Shinshu Field, Taka Pass, City Checkpoint, Ryoshima Coast, Dragon Palace, Ponc'tan
Monkey These mischievous creatures travel in groups and eat almost anything. Hana Valley, Agata Forest, Taka Pass, Kusa Village, Ryoshima Coast, Ezofuji
Pig These domesticated boars have cute noses and enjoy eating seeds. Shinshu Field, Kusa Village, Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast
Deer These graceful animals eat herbs. Males have antlers; females don't. Agata Forest, Taka Pass, Ponc'tan
Nightingale These birds are known for their beautiful songs. They enjoy seeds. Agata Forest, Taka Pass, City Checkpoint, and Ryoshima Coast
Fox These meat-eating creatures are known for their sly nature. Taka Pass, Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast,Kamui
Raccoon These adorable creatures enjoy a diet of meat and fish. Kusa Village, City Checkpoint, Ezofuji
Horse These swift creatures run like the wind and eat herbs. Shinshu Field, Taka Pass, City Checkpoint, Ryoshima Coast
Tiger These beautiful fanged and clawed creatures subsist on meat. Taka Pass, Sasa Sanctuary, North Ryoshima Coast
Mouse These robust little rodents are full of energy and eat anything. Sasa Sactuary, Gale Shrine
Cat These cute felines are known for their cry and their love of fish. Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast, and Catcall Tower
Cow These carefree bovines are stronger than they look. They adore herbs. Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast
Bear These immensely powerful giants love nothing more than eating fish. Kamui, Wep'keer, Ezofuji
Sheep These herb-eating scamps boast a coat as soft as the clouds. Kamui and Wep'keer
Crane These water-dwelling long-necked birds subsist mainly on fish. Kamui and Wep'keer

[edit] Okamiden

Animal Feeding does not return in Okamiden however, many non-feedable animals appear. Chibiterasu can show these animals his map of Yakushi Village and they will migrate there, releasing Praise as they hastily leave. They can all be found in an upstairs room of the hotel in the village. There, they will all complain of the hunger as herbs are the only food in the village. Lafter, when Momotaro moves to the village, he will enlist the animals to join him on his adventure by using his food. This is similar to the legend Momotaro is based on, as according to lore, Momotaro enlisted the help of a talking dog, monkey and pheasant to help him on his quest to defeat a band of Demons on the island of Onigashima.

One animal that cannot be found in the hotel is the crane that Chibiterasu healed using Dr. Redbeard's medicine. Instead Chibiterasu can encounter a lady in one of the houses who claims to know the crane he rescued. She will announce she has a surprise for him and will hastily run upstairs to prepare it. She declares that Chibiterasu and his partner cannot enter the room until she is ready. If they follow her upstairs, they will see a crane flying away who is implied to be the woman. If they respect her wishes, they get a Lucky Coin. This is based on a Japanese legend of a man who healed a wounded crane and later encountered a woman who made clothes for him. However, she flew away once he discovered she was the crane.

In special underground springs, other groups of animals can be found. This is much like Okami apart from the fact they cannot be fed, only admired.

[edit] Trivia

  • Using the Celestial Brush to sprout a tree or flowers near an animal will cause them to flock to it in delight.
  • Using Sunrise near a dog will make it howl into the sky.
  • Barking at animals will scare them and make them jump in fright, however, barking at bigger and more dangerous animals such as tigers and bears will make them lash out at Amaterasu in defence.
  • Attacking monkeys will prompt them to throw stones at Amaterasu.
  • Amaterasu can use bite to pick up and carry around smaller animals, however, she will just bite larger animals which makes them angry and they will swipe at her. Eventually the smaller animals will disappear and reappear where they were found.
  • If Amaterasu carries an animal to another animal and stands near them and drops the animal the animal will do a sort of dance.
  • There is one missable animal, a Dog located through the Spirit Gate.
  • Sparrows and Nightingales only appear in the day.
  • Hawks, Bats and Owls can be found in the sky however they cannot be fed.

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