Ark of Yamato

Ark of Yamato
Connects ToKamui
Notable Inhabitant(s)Celestials
Spider Queen
Crimson Helm
Notable ItemsStray Beads

The Ark of Yamato is an Okami exclusive area. It is found submerged in the lake in Ezofuji. It is the last main location in the game and marks the point of no return, where you must leave Issun. It has been called the home of all evil as the Demons that terrorise Nippon emerge from it. Amaterasu must enter it on the Day of Darkness to re-fight the Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, True Orochi, Ninetails and Yami before Nippon can be free from evil.


[edit] History

The Ark of Yamato was built by the Moon Tribe to travel through space and to imprison Yami and his endless hoards of Demons. When the Moon Tribe was being attacked by an unknown force, Waka used it to escape. He landed it on the Celestial Plain where it lay untouched for several years as Waka decided to live there with the Celestials.

He used it again to help the Celestials escape when the Orochi and his demons attacked the Gods and the Celestial Plain. However Waka did not know that Yami and his legions of Demons where still hiding in it, they attacked and killed all of the Celestials causing Waka to crash the Ark on Earth. Waka fled the scene to wait for Amaterasu to find the Chosen One, who could kill the Orochi, as the demons escaped into the human world.

[edit] Layout

The inside of the Ark is shaped like a hand. It has an open central area with a raised podium in the very middle and five finger areas which lead to rooms where you must battle previous foes.
The Central area has an Origin Mirror and the spirit of the Celestial Marco who will trade Amaterasu Items for a donation of Yen or Demon Fangs
Each finger area leads to an arch with a circular room, containing a portal, behind it. Above the arch there is a picture of the monster that the portal leads to. The circular rooms contain some objects which you can smash for Yen, Demon Fangs or Godhood.

[edit] Battles

Spirits of defeated bosses returning to the Ark

You can re-fight the previous bosses in any order you choose. After you defeat a boss the teleportation beam in the room disappears and the picture over the arch goes from Blue to Red. A blue Demon Scroll appears in the room also.

Three Celestials, Hakuba, Sado, and Azumi, will appear as you battle through the bosses. Hakuba will appear outside the arch of the first boss you choose to fight, if you go to another door after this, without kiling the boss, she will appear there too. After you defeat your first boss she will reappear once more and then they pass on and disappear forever. The other two Celestials do this for the third and fifth boss. Their role in the plot is to inform you about what had happened and the Celestial Plain.

[edit] Yami

After you have defeated all of the bosses a Teleportation Beam will appear on the podium in the central area, this leads you to Yami. You can buy things from the Merchant one last time before he too disappears. During your fight with Yami, Issun gathers the support of the people of Nippon. He draws pictures of Amaterasu and tells people about her exploits. His moving words "We shouldn't just pray when want want something" inspires people's faith in the gods and they begin to pray to her. Eventually this belief in the gods restores Amaterasu's powers until she is back to the power that she had as Shiranui. Without Issun's realization of his duties and his help Amaterasu wouldn't have been able to defeat Yami.

[edit] Trivia

  • Although Lechku and Nechku's spirits are seeing flying towards the Ark, they are not battled.
  • Yamato is a type of Japanese warship of a similar appearance to the Ark of Yamato. It is also the name given to the main ethnic group in Japan.

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