Bakugami and his children in Okamiden
RaceBrush God
LocationShinshu Field
Brush TechniqueCherry Bomb

Bakugami is the Brush God of the Cherry Bomb. Like all Brush Gods he has white fur with red markings. He travels a top a giant, rolling Cherry bomb and is frantically followed by two piglets who carry torches to light the fuse. His constellation can be found in Shinshu Field after you help Tama with his fireworks.


[edit] Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is quite a powerful technique that you learn at the start of the game. It enables Amaterasu to create a bomb just by drawing a circle with a line through the top of it. The bomb will eventually explode when it's fuse runs out and Ammy is not hurt by it. The bomb can be destroyed completely by Power Slashing it or Waterspout can be used to put out the fuse while leaving the rest of the bomb. At first only one bomb can be on screen at a time but after unlocking two Secret Brush Techniques two then three bombs can be on screen at a time.

[edit] Okamiden

Bakugami and his children return in Okamiden to grant Chibiterasu the power of the Cherry Bomb. Chibiterasu can learn the Secret Brush Technique Cherry Bomb 2 by buying it from the Shaman in Yakushi Village.

Cherry Bomb is learnt after convincing Dr. Redbeard to make medicine for Tama, so that Tama can make fireworks for the dying Ayame.

[edit] Trivia

  • The word Baku means explode.
  • The Kanji for "Flashy" will appear on screen after its use.
  • Bakugami's children are the only children Brush Gods to appear in both games.

[edit] Gallery

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