Bandit Spiders

Bandit Spider
Bandit Spider.jpg
Bandit Spider
First EncounterDevil Gate Trial Cave
Power Slash
Attack(s)Body Slam, Charge Attack, Poison Attack
Art of a Bandit Spider

Bandit Spiders are a quite easy but optional enemy in Okami. There are three of them and they are found in three different places places: Ryoshima Coast, North Ryoshima Coast and Kamui. To find them you need to bomb a cracked wall and then dig hard ground until a hole opens up, when you jump down the hole you will enter an automatic fight with it. When you defeat one you get rewarded with a Sun Fragment and you may then also access the area's Devil Gate Trial.
They closely resemble the Spider Queen and are defeated in the same way.

[edit] Attacks

As Bandit Spiders are similar to the Spider Queen they should be fought in the same way, this includes using Vine to attach the Konohana Blossoms to their abdomen to open it up. However instead of eyeballs which you attack, they have paper lanterns and a higher quantity of them, thus giving them more health. You also need to attach three vines instead of two.
They also have the same attacks as the Spider Queen, these include a charge attack, a shock wave, a silk attack and a bomb attack. This bomb attack is similar to the attack when the Spider Queen makes and egg and throws it, however in the bomb attack the Bandit Spider, of course, makes a bomb. You should use either Power Slash or Inferno to make the bomb explode as this stuns the spider and makes it easier to attach the vines. However Bandit Spiders also have a counter attack, they will jump up in the air and spin around, this will break all the vines attaching it to the blossoms.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"They say "That which we do not possess is of little value". This difficult to find beast deceives humans and robs them of their possessions, then steals away to hide deep underground. If you happen to find one, prepare your finest treasure as bait."

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