Location(s)5-Story Pagoda
Attack(s)Body Slam, Whisker Whipping
Weapon(s)Whiskers, Electricity

Bullhead is a boss from Okamiden. He is a giant catfish who is responsible for the terrible flooding in Agata Forest. When Chibiterasu first arrives in Agata Forest he must help Kokari and Ume fish him out as Kokari feels he is to blame for the floods. Nanami is the partner who helps Chibiterasu in his fight against Bullhead as he kidnaps Kuni. He has Nanami's Wet and Dry Jewels in his possession and these give him power over water.

He believes in a legend that says that he will become a dragon if he swims up a waterfall and this is the reason he took the Wet and Dry Jewels. However this legend is only true for carps and although he thinks he is one, he is not. He will try to convince Chibiterasu, Nanami and Kuni that he is actually one and will not listen to them when they say he isn't. Even the Demons in the Demon Market, comment that he deranged by thinking he is actually one.

It is said that the bones of his victims can be seen caught in his sharp teeth.

[edit] Battle

Bullhead can attack Chibiterasu and Nanami by trying to flatten them. He can use his whiskers for whips and he can also shoot electricity from them. He uses his sharp teeth to try and bite his foes. He will swim around the arena and Nanami must be used to swim after him. When she has caught up, Vine can be used to drag Chibiterasu to an island near her. He can be Power Slashed to stop him attacking Nanami however, his electric attacks cannot be deflected in the same way.

He can only be really damaged when he is out of the water. Chibiterasu can attack him with his Weapons or Nanami can attack him, however this will only serve to weaken him. When he is weak enough he can then be hoisted out of the water using Vine to latch him, by his tongue, onto a Konohana Blossom.

Once the battle is over and Bullhead is knocked unconscious, Kuni will pry Bullhead's jaws open and clamber out. This awakens Bullhead and he tries to kill them again. Nanami uses the Wet and Dry Jewels to drain Agata Forest of its water and, together, Kuni and Chibiterasu try to finish him off again. But he manages to survive their attacks and in one last effort to kill his foes, he activates a button that causes water to flood the 5-Story Pagoda. After this, Bullhead dies. However the flood waters manage to separate Kuni and Chibiterasu and a giant log pushes Kuni away to a seemingly unknown fate.

He is later one of the bosses summoned to fight Chibiterasu in the Dark Realm. Nanami aids him in the fight, once again.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"Believing himself to be a carp, his goal is to swim up a waterfall and become a dragon, at least according to a legend he believes. He uses his bullwhip-like whiskers and razor-sharp teeth to dispatch of those who stand in his way. The bones of his victims can be seen caught on the barbs of his crooked tongue."

[edit] Trivia

  • Bullhead is most likely named after a type of fish of the same name.
  • When Chibiterasu and Kurow travel back nine months into the past, Bullhead can be seen swimming beside the Goryeo where he steals the Wet and Dry Jewels from Nanami. Nanami then chases after him.
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