Catcall Tower

Catcall Tower
Connects ToNorth Ryoshima Coast
Notable Inhabitant(s)Cats
Notable ItemsCatwalk Brush Technique
Stray Beads
Sun Fragment

Catcall Tower is the name given to an extremely tall tower and the island it is found on of Ryoshima Coast. The tower is the home of Kabegami and the Catwalk Brush Technique. The top of the tower has a giant stone cat perched atop it.


[edit] Access

The player can see the tower in the distance and hear a cat meowing loudly while travelling around North Ryoshima Coast. However the Water Dragon makes it impossible to access the tower. Amaterasu must first befriend Orca by listening to Urashima's story of the Dragon Palace. After this she can reach the tower as Orca is fast enough to evade the Water Dragon. The island can always be re-accessed, even after killing the Water Dragon and clearing Oni Island.

Clearing a Demon Gate by the shore will cause a tree and a little girl to appear. The little girl will tell the story of how the lonely cat at the top of the tower is actually a god who got stuck up there.

[edit] The Tower

When Amaterasu reachs the island she realises that the tower is surrounded by a thick forest but the entrance can be found up a short path from the beach. The outside contains a few feedable cats and an Origin Mirror.

Inside the tree cover there is the main tower, two smaller towers and more cats. The two smaller towers have Kabegami statues at the bottom and Treasure Chests at the top so after Amaterasu learn the Brush Technique she can come back and climb them. The main tower has the mark of Kabegami (glowing paw prints) permanently on it so that she may climb it straight away.

The tower has eight levels, each one signified by an outcropping platform that either contains a chest or a cat to feed. There is are glowing clouds surrounding each platform and these are to stop Amaterasu from plummeting all the way to the bottom if she slips. This is for convenience as Amaterasu is not damaged by falling off the tower, even from the very top.

The top of the tower is made of a simple, wooden, two level building with a giant cat statue on top of it. In front of the giant cat statue the is a platform with another cat on it which needs to be fed to make Kabegami appear and teach her the Catwalk Brush Technique which allows her to create trails of glowing paw prints whenever she sees a Kabegami statue. After she learns this she can use it on a Kabegami statue in front of the giant statue as it has a Solar Fragment on top of it. The wooden hut contains a Mermaid Spring which is useful in case she need to buy a fish Feedbag to feed the cat. It also contains the place where a Stray Bead will appear if she re-climbs the tower.

[edit] Origins

Catcall Tower is based on Nekonari Tower.

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