Drawing a paw print trail
Granted byKabegami
LocationCatcall Tower
Power(s)Creates paw prints that Amaterasu can climb up

Catwalk is taught by Kabegami in Okami, who is found at the top of Catcall Tower. It cannot actually be used in battle but instead it is for climbing walls. However Amaterasu can only climb walls near Kabegami statues, Amaterasu can climb the wall by drawing a line from the statue up the wall. Glowing Orange paw print marks will then appear on the wall. These are sticky so Amaterasu can use them to climb, however the effect will eventually fade.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Celestial Brush's ink will turn Pink when placed over a Catwalk Statue.
  • In the battle with Yami, pillars of stone will rise out of the ground and if Catwalk is used to climb them, Treasures can be obtained.
  • Kabegami statues are marked as a paw print on the map of the area Amaterasu is currently in.
  • Paw print, signalling climbing, are found on Catcall Tower without Amaterasu ever having to draw them.

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