Demon Market

Demon Market
Connects ToAgata Forest
Notable Inhabitant(s)Witch Queen
MC Imp
Green Imp?
EnemiesSpinning Tops
ItemsKurow's Wing Feather
Galestorm Brush Technique

Demon Market is a new area exclusive to Okamiden. Chibiterasu can only visit it twice during the game however it plays an important role. As the name suggests, it is a market solely for Demons. As a result of this, Chibiterasu and his partners must wear masks upon entry. The portal to the Demon Market can be found in Agata Forest but can only be reached by finding a circle of five rotating "Blue Fairies" and drawing a star with the Celestial Brush.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Chibiterasu first visits here with Kuni. It is Madame Fawn who tells them where the gateway is, she also gives the duo two pieces of white cloth so they can paint a face on them and use them as a mask. The market has many different Merchants selling many exotic and weird Items.

However, exploring the market is quite tough, although they have disguised themselves as Imps. There are two guards who they must convince to let them through. The first guard can be bribed with food, most precisely a Fire Eye, but the second guard demands three passwords. When they get to the Witch Queen's Throne Room, they see there is a fighting tournament, hosted by the MC Imp, taking place. However, Nanami is being offered as first prize! Because Nanami refuses to accept their help, they enter the tournament and eventually win. However, when they are trying to move the bowl Nanami is in, their masks are blown off. The Witch Queen is furious that Humans have infiltrated her market so she attacks them. Kuni and Chibiterasu are forced to fight the Witch Queen, however when they cannot defeat her, Kuni stays behind to fight her. Chibiterasu and Nanami must then take place in a Racing Minigame to escape the hoards of Demons. When they all catch up, they are pulled out by Kokari and his fishing pole.

The second time Chibiterasu has to enter the Demon Market, it is with Kurow. They land in Agata Forest after a failed attempt to reach Thundercloud with Kurow's wings. They put on masks and explore the Demon Market again, where they meet the Green Imp?, who is wearing Kurow's wings. They battle him to get it back, however it looses one of it's six feathers in the scuffle. They find a replacement feather in the Throne Room and then they learn Galestorm. Kurow convinces Chibiterasu to play a trick on the imps using his newly obtained power over the wind, however it backfires and their masks get blown away. The Witch Queen chases them, out of the Market, in another racing minigame. This racing minigame involves a 2D side-scrolling cart chase.

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