Demon Scrolls

The inside of a Demon Scroll. Note the crack that can be opened for escape and the way the terrain does not change compared to the outside.

Demon Scrolls are long scrolls of parchment surrounded by fire and a negative glow. They float in the air and are found all over thinly populated areas of Nippon. They will float towards Amaterasu and try to trap her unless she is wearing the Peace Bell, however, she can still run into one.

If Amaterasu enters a scroll, she will be met with a number of Demons. When she defeats them all, the scroll will dissolve. However, she can leave the fight by attacking the cracks in the wall until they get bigger, then she can escape through them. This, unfortunately, will diminish her Godhood completely and the scroll will not disappear.
The ground that Amaterasu was walking will stay the same when she enters the Demon Scroll. This is also the same for anything that might be in the ground at the time, such as trees or rocks. This is useful if the enemy needs a special element such as fire to destroy it as there might be a torch in the arena.

Amaterasu can use her Brush Techniques to damage a Scroll. By using Power Slash, she can temporarily stun the scroll and by using Inferno she can even burn the scroll up. The scroll will quickly recover from the attack and if you destroy it a new scroll will eventually appear.
If you defeat all the scrolls in a area new ones will appear if you leave it an come back. However some scrolls only appear at night.

[edit] Difficulty

Along with Demon Gates, Demon Scrolls are colour coded with difficulty. Different colour scrolls being found in different areas and each containing different sets of enemies. There are four different colours and therefore four difficulties of scrolls.

  • Green Scrolls: These are first found in Shinshu Field. They contain basic enemies like Imps. They are found in other places in your journey, up as far as City Checkpoint where they are replaced with harder scrolls.
  • Blue Scrolls: Blue scrolls are hard to encounter. They are found scarcely in dungeons and you meet your first one in Tsuta Ruins. The are considered difficult because they contain the widest variety of enemies and are found all over the landscape. However all Blue Scrolls in the same dungeon have the same level of difficulty.
  • Yellow Scrolls: These are found in Kamui and past the Spirit Gate. In Kamui the main enemies are Namahage and past the Spirit Gate the main enemies are Clay Soldiers. These are the toughest set of scrolls.

[edit] Okamiden

Demon Scrolls return in Okamiden, however in keeping with the game's theme of children, they are now in the shape of paper kites. They also only come in one style and colour, although the monsters within still vary from area to area. Some Demon Scrolls have cracks which allow escape, however others do not.

Due to the graphical capabilities of the DS, the environment outside the Scroll cannot be seen. There is also a small loading time between touching the Scroll and starting the battle rather than it being immediate like in Okami.

Sentry Beasts are enemies that can be found outside of Demon Scrolls, however, they can be fought in the same manner.

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