Demons attack the Oina Tribe
First AppearanceOkami
Location(s)All Across Nippon
Dislike of Amaterasu
Famous MembersImps
Sentry Beasts
Clay Enemies
Demons attack the Celestials

Demons are a race of evil creatures, they do not feel anything but hatred and they can do little else but attack and cause other destruction. It unknown where they originated from but they came to Earth when the Ark of Yamato crashed there.

There are two types of demons, Regular Demons and Greater Demons. Regular Demons can be found all over Nippon in various Demon Scrolls and Demon Gates. However Greater Demons are usually bosses and are found at the end of dungeons.

The whole race only has one wish and that is to cause destruction and strife, they are all united over this and will work together to bring down humanity. They also have a system of ruling, regular deamons answer to Greater Demons who in turn all answer to Yami, The Emperor of Eternal Darkness.

After they are killed regular demon reliquish Yen, Solar Orbs and even Demon Fangs if their Floral Finisher is used. They will also explode in a shower of flowers and leave a temporary bloomed land in their place. Greater Demons reliquish Weapons and sometimes Sun Fragments.

Amaterasu must defeat countless regular demons and a few Greater demons when she is fighting to rid Nippon of evil. After she has defeated Yami the lands of Nippon become free from demons and the people can live peaceful lives again.


[edit] Okamiden

Chibiterasu must also fight demons in his journey to save Nippon from evil. However most demons seem to be mini or younger versions of demons from Okami. This touches on the theme of children in Okamiden as most characters from Okami now have children. As well as using Brush Techniques and Weapons, Chibiterasu can use his partner's weapons to help kill demons.

Chibiterasu travels to a place called Demon Market in Okamiden. This market is solely for Demons so he must draw himself an imp face on a mask to enter.

[edit] Trivia

  • Both Amaterasu and Chibiterasu manage to fool Demons, most notably Imps, into believing they are one of them by simply drawing a face on a piece of paper and using it as a mask. This shows that they are not very intelligent.

[edit] Examples of Regular Demons

[edit] Examples of Greater Demons

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