Devout Beads

Devout Beads
Devout Beads.jpg
Amaterasu and Devout Beads
ObtainedOkami: Received after blooming Guardian Sapling in Agata Forest
Okamiden: Sei'an City
Okamiden UpgradesSun Beads
Mystic Beads

The Devout Beads are a first tier Rosary and they are also the first one Amaterasu gets in the game. They are quite weak as they are beginners weapons, not to mention Rosarys are the weakest weapons. They are obtained after you revive the Guardian Sapling in Agata Forest.

Like all Rosarys, the Devout Beads sit around Amaterasu's neck like a necklace and they spin around her. These ones are gold in colour and are shaped like tear drops. When equipped as a sub weapon, they fire quick single shot rounds.


[edit] Weapons Entry

"Holy Rosary capable of rapid attacks when equipped as a sub-weapon."

[edit] Okamiden

Chibiterasu will find these on the Gojo Bridge in Sei'an City. It can be upgraded by the Blacksmith in Yakushi Village, twice, into the Sun Beads and then the Mystic Beads in exchange for Demon Parts and Lucky Coins.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Okami Artbook claims that the Devout Beads grants the Ink Bullets technique, however, this is not the actual case.

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