Armoured Dokuro

Dokuro is a Demon in Okamiden. His bones and armour are formed from the souls of warriors who still lust insatiably for blood. It devours any human who comes too close to its fearsome mouth. There are two types Armored and Non-Armored. The non-armoured variety are first encountered in the Moon Tribe Ruins and the armoured variety are first encountered in Moon Cave 100 years ago in a required battle. The non-armored Dokuro has Cherry Bomb as its Floral Finisher. The armored variety doesn't have a Floral Finisher.Although they cannot move around the arena, they take up a lot of space in it. Chibiterasu must fight one in the Dark Realm to free Manpuku.

Defeating two Dakuro in the one Demon Scroll will net Chibiterasu a Lucky Coin as a drop.

[edit] Strategy

Their weak point is a giant red crystal lodged at the bottom of their ribcage. Normally it is blocked by two giant swords that it stores there however, this swords can eventually be destroyed by attacking them. It will occasionally remove these sword to slash at Chibiterasu and then the jewel is open to attack. They can also send a damaging tremor along the ground by smacking their first on it.

The Armoured Version can shoot chunks of ice at Chibiterasu which can be deflected back with Power Slash.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"The spirits of warriors who still clamor for blood are the very bones and appendages of this armored beast. Any normal mortal that wanders near will be consumed by its gaping, slaughterous maw."

[edit] Based On

The Armoured Dokuro is based on the Gashadokuro from Japanese myth. These creatures are said to be giant skeletons who are made from the bones of people who have died from starvation. Gashadokuro bite the heads off any human they come across and can only be avoided is by hearing ringing in ones ears and fleeing immediately.

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