Dragon Palace

Dragon Palace
Connects ToSouth Ryoshima Coast
Inside the Water Dragon
Notable Inhabitant(s)Queen Otohime
Dragon Dancers
Water Dragon
ItemsFountain Secret Brush Technique
Stray Beads

The Dragon Palace is the underwater home of all the Draconians and their Queen, Otohime. It also used to be the lair of the Water Dragon until it was killed.


[edit] Getting There

The Dragon Palace is a very mystical place as no one is really sure if it exists. It can only be accessed by Amaterasu if Orca deems her pure enough of heart, then he will help her find the whirlpool that will take her there while dodging the Water Dragon. However first she must find out about Orca and learn the area's Brush Technique. She must also make the whirlpool to the Dragon Palace appear. This can be done by completing The Watcher's wish and causing a shooting star to appear by using the Celestial Brush to dot the sky. The Watcher will wish for the Whirlpool Galaxy to appear and using Galestorm on it three times will cause it to swirl and create an identical whirlpool in the sea.

Urashima is the only other character we meet who has gone to the Dragon Palace. He was taken there one day by Orca who encountered him at the docks one morning and deemed him pure. He is the source of ridicule from the local kids who do not believe his story. While at the Dragon Palace, Urashima's aging was taken away from him and stored in a Tamatebako. This then becomes part of a side quest. After the Water Dragon's death, Amaterasu can bloom a small plot of land where the Water Dragon used to reside. This will result in a treasure chest appearing that Amaterasu can take to Urashima. When Urashima receives the Tamatebako he immediately ages, much to his and his wife's delight. However, this will only occur if Amaterasu listens to his tale of the great treasure in the Dragon Palace.

[edit] Appearance

The Dragon Palace seems to be built in a giant shell. The outside having all sorts of underwater plants growing around it as it is completely surrounded by water. The outside also features some shell shaped Treasure Chests and an Ultimate Origin Mirror so that Amaterasu can simply Mist Warp back.

The inside is quite large, it has three floors with the top floor being the Royal Chamber. Amaterasu can only explore the whole of the Palace if she gets the Shell Amulet from Otohime. To the right of the entrance is an area where a digging Mini Game with the Dragon Dancers will unlock the a Secret Brush Technique. It also unlocks another way to get back to the Dragon Palace. To the left of the entrance is the room where the Water Dragon resides.
Upstairs there are some assorted rooms with counsellors and other Draconians along with a Merchant.

[edit] Based On

The Dragon Palace is based on Ryūgū-jō which is an underwater palace that features in Japanese mythology. It is the palace of Ryūjin who is a water dragon (King Wada is based off him in Okami). It is said that a day in Ryūgū-jō is the equivalent to a century of normal time and that each of the fours sides of the palace is a different season. According to the legend, all of the subjects of the Palace are female. Some legends say it is built from solid crystal, others say from red and white coral.

This is the Palace Urashima Tarō visited for three days.

[edit] Okamiden

The Dragon Palace and most of the Draconians, do not reappear in Okamiden. Only Otohime, who transforms into the Water Dragon to help Chibiterasu travel to Sage Shrine three months in the past, and Nanami, who acts as a vassal to Queen Otohime, make a reappearance. Otohime and her child, in the throne room of the palace, appear in a shot in the ending scenes

[edit] Trivia

  • Behind the Staircase is a bombable wall, bombing it will reveal a hole that houses a spring with animals. The animals in the spring are piglets, this is a pun as the Japanese for term for dolphin means "sea pig" when wrote in Kanji.
  • The Dragon Palace bares a striking resemblance to Sasa Sanctuary, both from the outwards appearance and inside layout. According to the Official Okami Artbook, this is because certain area designs were reused to save on developing time.

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