Dragons are new enemies that appear in Okamiden. There are two types, Stone Dragons and Flow Dragons. They are both Sentry Beasts, meaning they can be encountered outside Demon Scrolls.

They cannot move, however they will fire their elemental attacks at Chibiterasu from afar. This can be particularly annoying when trying to Guide a partner around. However, Power Slash can be used to reflect their projectile right back at them and thus killing them.

[edit] Stone Dragon

Stone Dragon
First EncounterPlayhouse
WeaknessesPower Slash

Stone Dragon was sculptor by an artist who did not eat or sleep until he had completed his work. Those who do not show respect to it will be burned by its cursed flame.

They are first encountered in the Playhouse.

Bestiary Entry
"Sculpted by an artist who took no food or rest until it was completed. All who fail to show it respect will be burned with a cursed flame."

[edit] Flow Dragon

Flow Dragon
First EncounterMoon Tribe Ruins
WeaknessesPower Slash
Weapon(s)Projectiles, Electricity

This is a sculpture whose wish for freedom became a reality. However, it soon was not happy with being able to fly freely to wherever it pleased and it gained a desire to attack people.

It embodies the element of electricity, so it attacks using it. It can also move around the area, unlike the Stone Dragon who is rooted to one spot. It first appears in the Moon Tribe Ruins.

Bestiary Entry
"A stone sculpture whose long-held desire for freedom became reality. At first content to be able to fly wherever it desired, those feelings soon transformed into a desire to attack people."

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