Eighth Wonder

Eighth Wonder
Eighth Wonder.jpg
Amaterasu and Eighth Wonder
ObtainedBought in Ponc'tan
Cost200,000 Yen

Eighth Wonder is a fourth tier Glaive. It can be bought off a Merchant in Ponc'tan after you arrive there for the first time for 200,000 Yen. It grants the power of Ink Bullets and unlike the majority of Glaives it attacks using a dashing uppercut motion.
Eighth Wonder is quite a bulky looking Glaive, it is a dull grey colour and the hilt resembles a wheel. However, the hilt is not actually a wheel, it simply has a handle for each of the previous owner's hands.

[edit] Weapons Entry

"Glaive wielded by eight-armed beast god. Ink Bullet power."

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