Spirit Incorporable Reality Genji
LocationSage Shrine
FamilyCreator: Shikibu
Unwriting Genji

Genji is a character in Okamiden who has a keen interest in women. However he thinks it is his duty to be such a playboy as he believes all women love him and therefore he must share his love with them.

He was created by the great writer Shikibu as she tried to create the perfect man.

He is first met in Sage Shrine meaning he is actually of minuscule proportions, with Chibiterasu having to use the Lucky Mallet to shrink himself and Nanami to enter the shrine. He is released from the Knowing Orb as a spirit or "spirit incorporable reality", as he calls himself, when Shikibu cleanses it from evil. He as a mini-boss as he charms Nanami into loving him and kidnaps her when he hears that she thinks he's cute. This sends Chibiterasu on a chase to root him out of his hiding spots and rescue her. When Nanami is finally rescued she beats him and gives him an earful for his disrespectful behaviour. Shikibu is forced to unwrite Genji as he has not and will not ever learn to be respectful as he tries to seduce Shikibu even though Nanami has given out to him for being a womaniser.

[edit] Rescuing Nanami

First Room
He can either be found in the pile of clothes or slates near the entrance to the next room. Power Slashing them will cause him to reveal himself.

Second Room
Vine from the hook on the left hand side of the room to the statue in the middle of the room and he will appear.

Third Room
Power Slashing the bookcase to the lower right will cause him to appear.

Fourth Room
There is two screens in the middle of the room. Power Slash them and go behind where they used to be. Go to the left hand side and use Vine to attach the hook above Chibiterasu to the hook on the floor. Then travel up the ramp and stand on the switch. Power Slashing the purple bed will cause him to appear.

Fifth Room
Nanami will come to her senses and teach Genji a lesson.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"This loathsome lothario loves all women, and thinks they all love him. A demon gave life to the character created by the famous author Shikibu. Originally written as the perfect man, this Mr. Right went wrong, to the detriment of all the ladies in the world."

[edit] Based On

Genji is based on the character Hikaru Genji from the classic work of Japanese literature, The Tale of Genji, written by the Japanese noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu. It tells the story of Genji who is the son of a Japanese emperor. However, for political reasons he is forced to live as a commoner and takes up a job as as Imperial Officer. The story concentrates on his romantic life as he is described as the most handsome man in the world.

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