Travel Guide explaining Godhood
Power(s)Protects Amaterasu once from damage for each level she has.
Upgrade(s)Satomi Power Orbs(Temporary extra Godhood)
Traveller's Charm (Boosts Godhood by one level)
Godly Charm (refills Godhood completely)

Goodhood is one of Amaterasu's five Attributes. It is a guard that Amaterasu earns through fighting, it allows Amaterasu to absorb some of the attacks that hit her. However every time she is hit her level of Godhood is lowered, the level that she currently has can be seen in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Godhood is obtained by performing combos in a battle, the Rosary being the easiest way to do this. The Traveller's Charm increases Godhood by 1 level and the Godly Charm will increase her Godhood to the max. Godhood is lost by taking hits and fleeing from a battle, the latter wiping it to level 0.

The Satome Power Orbs are also like a type of Godhood however they only appear in the battle with the Crimson Helm. There are 8 of them and each will take one hit of damage for Amaterasu.

[edit] Levels

Level 0: Amaterasu obtains this by damaging herself in cursed zones or other dangerous environments and by running from battle. It's symbol is a skull and crossbones and it leaves Amaterasu very vulnerable to attacks, luckily it disappear after awhile.

Level 1: This level shows that Amaterasu has no godhood left and she will take normal damage. No symbol will appear on screen.

Level 2: This is the first level of Godhood as it allows Amaterasu to take one hit of damage, it will then revert back to level 1. It's symbol is a red circle with either a silhouette of Amaterasu or the symbol for Ōkami depending on what version of the game it is.

Level 3: This is the second level of Godhood and it is shown by a yellow circle, similar to the red one, on screen. Taking a hit of damage will revert it back to level 2.

Level 4: This is the third and final level of Godhood, and is shown by a green orb, similar to the yellow and red ones, on screen. Taking a hit of damage will return Amaterasu to level 3. In some particularly hard fights it is automatically given.

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