There are four different types of Guardian and they are essentially a stronger version of Imps. They are first encountered in Ryoshima Coast bar the Executioner Guardian who is first found on Oni Island, however this is in Ryoshima Coast. They all appear to carry a different item on their back and none of them have heads. They also look like a status that has been torn off a wall as they still appear to have a piece of a wall on their backs.


[edit] Headless Guardian

Headless Guardian
Headless Guardian.jpg
First EncounterRyoshima Coast
WeaknessesPower Slash
Floral FinisherCherry Bomb

These are basically a stronger version of the Red Imp and their Floral Finisher is Cherry Bomb. They are green and black in colour and they still have the piece of wall they were stuck to attached to their back. They will fling their golden weapon at Amaterasu and when they are doing this they will be immune to Brush Techniques. One should wait until they have their weapon in their hands and then Power Slash them from afar until they die.

Bestiary Entry

"Headless guardian statue possessed by the spirit of a rapscallion. Searching for his head at night, he may knock on your very door, shouting, "Give me back my head or I'll take yours instead!"

[edit] Bell Guardian

Bell Guardian
Bell Guardian.jpg
First EncounterRyoshima Coast
WeaknessesInability to see Amaterasu
Attack(s)Digging, Shockwaves
Floral FinisherPower Slash

These are basically a stronger version of Yellow Imps and their Floral Finisher is Power Slash. They are grey in colour and have a bell on their back. They will disappear underground to avoid attacks and will then pop up to ring their giant bell. This will send shock waves through the ground that will hurt Amaterasu, however this can be avoided by jumping. The best way to attack them is to follow the trail of dirt they make when travelling underground, then when they pop up you should hide behind them. This will cause them to be confused and vulnerable to attack. If you do this a few times they should die.

Bestiary Entry

"Possessed by the sadness of a monk who disliked the sound of the temple bell, this statue digs underground and sounds a bell in search of his lost head. Jump if you hear "Give me back my head!" Jumping makes them lose sight of the target and return underground."

[edit] Halo Guardian

Halo Guardian.jpg
First EncounterRyoshima Coast
WeaknessesPower Slashing Halo, Galestorm
Floral FinisherCherry Bomb

They are basically a stronger version of Blue Imps and their Floral Finisher is Cherry Bomb. They are grey in colour and have what appears to be a decoration on their back, this decoration helps them to fly. When they fly they fling things at Amaterasu to attack. It is difficult to attack them in the sky but it can be tried anyhow, but if you do not want to do this they can be blown out of the sky with Galestorm or their "halo" can be broken with Power Slash which will make them fall. Then while on the ground they will be defenceless and easy to attack.

Bestiary Entry

"Halos are normally seen radiating from Buddhist statuary, but this creature has stolen that appearance and uses it to harass humans. Its holy appearance is convincing, but a closer look reveals no head. One tale tells of a devout old couple who were attacked but saved by a divine wind. A strong heart will tell you this is an imposter."

[edit] Executioner Guardian

Execution Guardian
Execution Guardian.jpg
First EncounterOni Island
WeaknessesPower Slashing their stone heads
Attack(s)Projectiles, Lasers.
Weapon(s)Stone heads
Floral FinisherCherry Bomb

These are the last and most powerful of the Guardian enemies, they are a stronger version of the Black Imp. Unlike all the other Guardians, they are first encountered on Oni Island and their Floral Finisher is Cherry Bomb. They are golden in colour and carry their head in their hands. It is surrounded by floating stone heads which it will fire at Amaterasu as a projectile, it will also protect itself with these heads and it's own head. It is advised to Power Slash the floating heads so that it will be left defenceless and therefore easy to kill.

Bestiary Entry

"More deadly than most of its ilk, this demon fools people into thinking it is an ordinary statue before striking. It uses stone heads like a shield and is prone to turning them into projectiles. Its demonic power is so great that it must be exorcised twice."

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