Hana Valley

Hana Valley
Inner Hana Valley.jpg
The Inner Cavern
TypeHub Area
Connects ToShinshu Field
Notable Inhabitant(s)Okami: Sakigami
Sleepy (Okami only)
Master Anura (Okamiden only)
EnemiesOkami: Imps
Okamiden: Bone Clam
Sentry Beasts
ItemsOkami: Bloom Brush Technique
Stray Beads
Sun Fragment
Okamiden: Manifest
Issun's Masterpiece

Hana Valley is an area North of Shinshu Field. It can be accessed near the Nameless Man's house either through the path or the river that runs beside it. Hana Valley itself is quite small and narrow, essentially it's just one long path till you reach the centre. The centre is a beautiful cavern that houses the Guardian Sapling and the patch of sky that holds Sakigami's constellation. The valley features a crystal that allows plants to grow at a rapid speed due to magnified sunlight. We also find out that this is where Susano comes when he is feeling under pressure. It only has access to Shinshu Field, as the only other route leads to a stone wall. It is the source of the river that flows in Lake Harami in Shinshu Field. Another feature is a mural that depicts how the crystal works.

Cursed Hana Valley concept art

It has a lot of tasks to complete for such a small area. It is here we find the first Rolling Mini Game where Amaterasu needs to get a crystal from Sleepy the Bear. Amaterasu also learns Bloom here and she must use it to bloom her first Guardian Sapling. After all the plants in the area have been bloomed, including the Cursed Trees, a Sun Fragment will appear in the wall mural.

Although the Cursed Area in Shinshu Field did not expand to fully cloak Hana Valley, its effects can still be found all over the area. Trees are either cursed and wilted or have transformed in Cursed Trees. The river is toxic and the waterfall has disappeared. All the Animals, apart from Sleepy are missing. It is also infested with Demons, a group of Imps have even set up their camp site there.

[edit] Okamiden

Hana Valley in Okamiden

Hana Valley is a returnable location in Okamiden. Chibiterasu must first visit there with Kuni to locate the Little Girl's mirror. As the gate is jammed, Susano is required to open it and keep it opened until the area is explored.

It has changed quite a bit since the events of Okami. The area near the entrance remains similar along with the mural, however, inner areas have had a drastic change including the area where the Guardian Sapling is found. Chibiterasu must first drain the room of a flooding and then battle Master Anura before the area is pure enough to bloom the Sapling. Many portals for Sentry Beasts appear, however, they only produce little frogs.

[edit] Trivia

  • In Shinshu Field near the entrance to Hana Valley, there is a stone feature that looks like a nose. This is a pun on Hana Valley's name as the word for nose can be pronounced hana.
  • This area has the same map design as inside the Water Dragon only reversed.

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